Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Cold morning but no snow yet ! After chores and breakfast I cleaned all the floors in the house. Even vacuuming around the downstairs wood stove that is always messy with wood chips.
After lunch I made a trip to Wallyworld to pick up baking supplies and other things we are out of and I need some of those sliding things that go under heavy furniture to make it move easily.
They had their garden seed out and I bought some broccoli to start some plants early.
By the time I got home it was cloudy and had that quite,still snow is coming feel in the air.
#2 son is off today and came up to borrow a chainsaw to finish cutting up some brush and cleaning it up around his place.
I put the groceries away and started getting things ready in our bedroom so while #2 son is here helping Hubbie move some heavy cabinets tonight he can help me move my things around.
As soon as Hubbie came home they went to work moving some large cabinets from old shop to new shop.
When they came inside I was ready so we moved our bedroom all around and got that cabinet out of my office.
I love this arrangement in our bedroom it makes the room look so much bigger. We've turned the bed 90 degrees to what it has been for years so don't know how it will feel sleeping that way tonight.
Daughter came in and we all had a hot dog supper tonight.
Hubbie and I didn't quite get everything cleaned up in our bedroom tonight so I didn't make a picture tonight but they will be coming.
The move was a lot easier than I expected,those little things I bought really helped make things slide very easily.

On a different subject now, the main news story for this week has been a newborn baby that was delivered and abandoned in a commode at the Bi-Lo Center in Greenville,SC over the week end during a circus performance.
This 26 year old already mother of a 4-year old was arrested today and charged with the deed.
Many questions remain unanswered and she isn't talking ,only saying she just remembers feeling sick and going to the bathroom,nothing about delivering a baby because she didn't know she was pregnant.
Her mother said she had no signs of pregnancy and never missed a period.
Now I'm a mother of 3 children and I guess fortunately for them, I definitely knew each time I was pregnant.
So my conclusion is that either this is one lucky lady, who has none of that familiar pregnancy yuckiness, no belly, no kicking baby,no labor pains, etc..... you get the picture !! Or she is one big liar !!
But the question still begs to be answered is why did you just leave the baby in the cold water in that commode and not tell anyone ???
And how if you are already a mother could you leave that baby in the cold water in that commode ????
I hope they get some answers soon. Oh and by the way because of some quick thinking workers at the Center who found the baby and warmed it up quickly it is still alive and recovering.

Watched the rivalry game between UNC/Duke tonight. Duke won as expected but UNC sure gave them all they could handle as well as had a 14 point lead at half time.
UNC can sure be proud of how they played and I will commend the players of both teams on a hard fought but cleanly played enjoyable ballgame.

Now for our weather....... It is snowing lightly at 11:45 and is 31 degrees. We are only expecting a dusting of snow tonight and then a sunny cold day tomorrow.
And then, and then ..............................................Could this be a tease forecast ?????
I can't wait for that string of 55 plus days with all that sunshine.
I'm kicking my inside work in high gear for the next couple days to be ready for outside work next week.
Got a lot done today, was planning on doing some cake baking tonight but that will have to wait until morning.
Thanking God for a wonderful day and His helping hand in the work I got done today.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Good Morning, Marilyn... We got a little snow but not nearly what they said we would get. We probably have an inch or so... You are right. It IS supposed to warm up next week.

Did you feel like you were sleeping in a strange room last night???? I'm not sure I could find my bathroom during the night --if I changed my room around... ha ha

That is horrible about the young woman who left her baby in a commode. She needs to go to JAIL.

Have a good day.

Grace on the Narrow Path said...

Women who say that they did not know they were pregnant are a mystery to me. I always knew. I actually lost a child to miscarriage ... believe me ... I knew.
God bless you for sharing this. Oh I am going to check out your on-line Avon page.