Thursday, February 10, 2011


Only a dusting of snow greeted me this morning.
It was enough along with the cold temperatures to close schools again today. Now they will go to school this Saturday to make up for today. This is the first time I can remember school on Saturday since I was in school.
After chores and breakfast I baked some cakes as I have one order that has to be delivered tomorrow.
I have several orders for Saturday so maybe business will pick up this month.After last month's totals were the worst for a January since I've been in business I could use a good February.
Here are the bedroom pics of the new furniture arrangement, it is hard for me to believe how much bigger this makes the room look. I know you can't tell anything from these pics but one day someone might get a kick out of looking around my bedroom !!
Still loving our new arrangement but I did have to laugh this morning when the phone rang announcing closed schools I could not find my telephone !!!!
Excuse all the clothes hanging on my closet doors please. On one door I always hang what I'm wearing today so when I wake up and look at them I can get an idea of what day it is !!!!
After lunch I headed to do the weekly errands and make a couple Avon stops. Had a nice visit with a neighbor I grew up with who works in an office where I made one delivery.
I noticed she had hearing aids in both ears and we had to laugh at how much we hated this aging process.
I picked up some fresh fruits and vegetables on my way home along with a new rug for Hubbie's side of the bed.
After chores this evening I decided to take a break from my furious house cleaning and rest my aching back.
Rest time had to come to an early end as I had to ice 6 caramel cakes tonight.
If things go as I've planned I am going to work at church early in the morning so that I will have all afternoon to work in my office and hopefully finish and get the furniture moved in tomorrow night.
Today has been cold with the high's not getting out of the 30's and tonight it is supposed to be 18, at 11:30 it is 24 so I'm sure it will get there.
Thankful to God for the blessings of today.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, You got even less snow than we did this time. WE had about an inch. Our schools are open today --but were on a 2 hour delay. Have I told you that our county schools have missed 18 days this winter so far--plus several more short days? Makes me wonder what in the world kids learn...

Love your bedroom .. It looks so homey.. You have made the best out of every space, haven't you???

Hope you have a wonderful day.. This warm-up is going to be NICE.