Monday, February 14, 2011

Wow !!! What a beautiful sky today ! And the temperature,are you ready for this? A breezy 65 degrees,man did we ever need this after the past 2 months of gloomy winter weather.
No way was I working inside today so after chores and breakfast Hubbie headed out to work some more on moving his tools to his new shop and I armed myself with loping shears and a pair of small shears and headed off to prune all our shrubs and fruit trees.
Our trees have been neglected for the past 2 years because in the months of Feb. and March of the past 2 years we have been dealing with the deaths of hubbie's parents.
Needless to say they were in pretty bad shape and I left huge piles of limbs and brush.
All right help showed up this afternoon !! I hope as he gets older he will still come and help Neena and Pawpaw.And like our boys he loves the work that can be done from the seat of the tractor.Learning to steer the tractor is a very serious job ! (look at that face)
Love this picture as they back the box load of brush.
Can you imagine what he is dreaming he is doing right now ?
I got all the shrubbery, apple trees and pear trees pruned today and we got all the brush cleaned up. A very productive day !!I've decided to let Gertrude the hen set, since it so warm and hope that I don't wind up with her and her babes in the house !! I left 5 eggs under her today and will add more tomorrow and maybe the next day then I will move her to her own little house.

After we were done outside we came in to a Valentine Day surprise left by Aunt T for g-son.He had already found my surprise last Friday and had an early Valentine.
I think he likes it Aunt T !!

This evening I worked on my office again and am almost ready to declare it finished but not quite. Hubbie commented on how nice it looked tonight while I was taking his blood pressure. Oh and by the way it is my medical office also !!!
He stopped by a traveling cholesterol check station last week and found that his cholesterol was fine but his blood pressure was a little high and they told him to take it everyday for 2 weeks to see if it stayed high. So far it hasn't been as high as it was that day any time we've taken it. But I've put him on CoQ10 and garlic.

The wind really started blowing hard this evening and that is something we surely don't need as dry as it is and with fires breaking out everywhere.
This 120 acre fire is not to far from us and is finally hopefully contained tonight after jumping fire lines several times today.
I think I shall definitely sleep well tonight. I did notice one thing today while I was working as I climbed up on a pile of logs to toss brush over them how much more flexible my knee joints seem to be. I have been drinking my grape juice and certo every night and I think it might be working !! I sure hope so and even tonight as I sat down to eat turkey salad Hubbie had made from out left over turkey breast, even after I sat there for a while I didn't feel so stiff when I got up.
I've tried so many natural things to try to help this joint problem I have hopefully I've landed on one that is going to give me some relief.
Tonight I'll end with a Valentine of Love from God as he sends this red sky as a sign of the glorious weather we are having this week.Glory be to God our Father.
Good Night and God Bless and Happy Valentines Day.

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Gail said...

There is such a good feeling in accomplishments like this. Nothing quite like surveying the work done and knowing it was good.