Monday, February 21, 2011


Up early today ready for a day of brush clearing. After chores we armed ourselves with long sleeve shirts that were really too warm for today's 73 degree temperature.
I got the long handle clippers and Hubbie went after his tractor and all his chainsaws.
There are several white pine trees that need to come down ,they aren't too big yet so we cut them and Hubbie drug them around to the burn pile with the tractor.
Between helping him load I clipped small briars and bushes, I am scratched and stuck in many places tonight. My right hand is swollen on the back probably with a thorn that is buried in it,ouch !!
#2 son came out and helped and #1 son came by to say he would bring his machine down and help after he picked up g-son and gave him lunch.
We took a break for lunch and then all of us got back to the task. We made a huge dent in the clearing off the entire hill today,more than I ever would have imagined we would have gotten done. And we actually would have got more done except for having to get a couple leaner trees cut down that had blown over and lodged in other trees.
Hubbie and #2 son had to work very carefully to get them down without getting hurt and it took a long time. But safety is the number one concern with something like that and they were successful.
The trees lodged back in December when these fell across the driveway and we've been holding our breath as we drove under them everyday.
Now we don't have to look up each time we come down the drive.
About 3:30 we all wore out and Hubbie and I came back to take a much needed break.
It didn't take Hubbie long to start snoring but I tried not to take a nap so it wouldn't mess up my sleep tonight.
I took a shovel down and cleaned out a ditch that was stopped up when I heard the weatherman say we might get some rain tonight.
Hubbie fixed us fish and sweet potato fries with coleslaw for supper tonight.
It is 60 degrees at 10:00 tonight,it's hard to believe this is February !!
I worked some more on my pictures tonight. Only have 1979 left to do in the 70's decade.
D-in-love called and is picking up an extra day of work tomorrow and #1 son has a doctor's appointment in the morning so g-son gets to come over here and go to the dentist with me to drop my partial off to be redone.
I'm planning on an early bedtime tonight as my tired bones are talking to me tonight.
I need a long hot soak in the tub to ease my muscles for sure tonight.
Grateful to God tonight for His helping hand today preventing any injuries and giving us strength.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh My ---I'm tired just reading your post tonight... You all really worked hard today... Hope you sleep well tonight...

We were hoping to get some rain tonight --but it fizzled out before getting to us. We got a little --but not too much... We NEED it now.


Far Side of Fifty said...

I hope your area gets some rain to stop the wildfires..and soon.
You always have so many projects going at once!
I am glad that Survivor started again too..and the Amazing least now there is something to watch a couple of nights a week:)