Tuesday, February 22, 2011


This morning started out great,the sky was so blue and the sun bright as could be.
After chores g-son came and he and I headed down the mountain to drop off my partial.
I must admit as pretty as this view is I'm getting pretty tired of it after almost 3 months of trips down this road.
When we got to the dentist office I asked the lady at the desk to check with the dentist to make sure he didn't need anything else while I was there. She said oh no he didn't need anything else, so we left.This young man is getting so big and independent, he had to fasten his own seat belt today.
When we got home he watched TV while I did laundry and some housecleaning.
After lunch with the house cleaning done we went outside to play in the warm sunshine, 64 degree day.
While we were outside my phone rang and unbelievably it was the dentist office ,(the same lady I talked to this morning) ,telling me I needed to come in so he could make some new molds !!
I asked her why she didn't know this when I was there today and she said he just told her.
I told her I wanted an appointment at a time that would be honored by the dentist instead of the normal 45-60 minute wait. By the time I spend 30 minutes driving each way, have to always wait at least 45 minutes before he even comes into the exam room and then the time it takes to do what ever he has to do I've spent 1/2 day down there.
This extra appointment's is because their lab really screwed up my partial. So I told her to give me an appointment when I didn't have to wait. She said to be there at 2:00 tomorrow. We'll see how this goes but if I can find my partial and it is still in one piece I will leave with it if I have to wait.
I have been boiling over all evening over this and wondering if the dentist even knows how much his office people screw up. This is the third time they have screwed me over.The first time they forgot to call me to tell me my upper plate was ready until 2 weeks passed and I called them. Then they send my partial out for what is supposed to be 3 days and I call after 2 weeks and amazingly it is back that very day. Now I go down there ,point blank asked her to ask the dentist if there is anything else he needs so I won't have to make another trip, am assured he doesn't need anything else and then get this call,grrrrrrrr.
Yeah, I'm highly aggravated and I can promise one thing after tomorrow he will know about all these screw ups if he already doesn't.
If they would have told me in early December when I started this that I still wouldn't be done by March, I would have went somewhere else for sure.

Okay on a more pleasant subject, Hubbie bought our seed potatoes today. Last year all the stores ran out and some of our friends didn't get any so he shopped early.
15 pounds of Red Pontiac will give us some early potatoes to eat all summer.25 pounds of kennebecs will be enough to store for next winter hopefully.

We are eating the last of our stored potatoes this winter now as some of them rotted. Hubbie had left them in plastic buckets to make it easier to lift out of the hole and one of the buckets got water in it and rotted the potatoes in it and of course it was the bucket that had all nice big ones in it.
We don't know if the plastic sweated or if that bucket happened to be under a drip or what. All the ground under and around it was dry as a bone along with everything else in the hole. It's definitely a mystery.
G-son went home for a couple hours this evening and I worked on the brush clearing until he came back while his mom and dad went to the hospital to see D-in-love's brother's wife. She is 24 years old and had a radical mastectomy of both breast because her mother and grandmother died with breast cancer and after being tested and finding out she had the same gene this was a way of hopefully preventing her from the same fate.

I finished the 70's picture organization tonight and got a small start on the 80's. Most of the 80's are already in albums, dated and in order so this will be fast.
The 90's and 2000's not so much !!!
No February pics in 1981 either. Guess this is a boring month.

Asking God for grace and understanding tonight for things that happen that just seem so unnecessary.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, Sorry about your dental problems. I hope you do talk to your dentist about all that has happened to you.... I'd be upset also tonight.... Hope you get in at 2:00 and not 3:00 or later... Good Luck...

Sorry about your potatoes.. Hope you sleep well tonight --and that tomorrow is a MUCH better day.

Nezzy said...

It just makes ya wonder how some people get outta bed of a mornin' and manage to dress themselves! I once had a long wait at the DDS due to an emergency that came in. When I finally got into the DDS chair he apologized and I told him it was OK...I'd just take my discount. To my amazement 1/3 was knocked off my bill that day! Ya never know.....

Nezzy said...


God bless ya and have a fantastic day my friend!