Thursday, February 3, 2011


Got up feeling yucky again this morning,seems this bug just does not want to let go of me.
Drug through chores and tried to eat a waffle for breakfast,then headed for the couch for a little while.
This seemed to work and after feeling a bit better I did a couple loads of month end laundry,changed our bed sheets and did weekly paperwork.
Not feeling like lunch I headed to town to run my errands and make a couple Avon stops.
The weather forecast is for an icy mess in the morning so the grocery stores were busy today.
#1 son has his ankle surgery today at 2:30,they say it will be about an hour long surgery.
The doctor came out and told D-in-love at 4:00 that he was done and that things went well.
He made it home about 7:00 tonight in a lot of pain but at least this one is over.
We are just praying that it will relieve the pain in the ankle and give him some movement and feeling in both sides of his foot.
The air outside has that quite,still,cold feel as if snow is in the air this evening during chores.
Sure enough just as it got dark a fine snow started falling and by bed time the ground had a nice icy covering. The forecast is for freezing rain to start on top of this dusting of snow around 3 am. Wonder what we'll wake up to,the weather wizards have been wrong so much lately there's no telling what will fall from the sky tonight.
A feeding frenzy today at the feeders got these feathered friends looking at me as if to say thanks for the free food.....
Field Sparrow

White Throat Sparrow

Tufted Titmouse

I love watching these beautiful little birds as they take turns at the feeders.

Back to work tonight baking cakes still feeling pretty yucky but I'm starting to get used to it I guess.
Praying tonight for #1 son that the surgery today heels and gives him the results he needs.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hope your son gets better this time.. It has been a rough trip for him...

Hope you are feeling better also.

Great bird pictures also.

No snow or rain here yet this morning.. Don't think we'll get much.