Tuesday, February 8, 2011


This has indeed been a boring day of house cleaning and laundry.
It was still in the mid 20's as I did the chores this morning. Hubbie was gone when I woke up so his tooth must not be hurting that much.
I got the laundry started and then cleaned the bathrooms,cleaned all the glass in the house and dusted the whole house before I started on my office.
I have come up with a way to move our bedroom furniture around and my office furniture around to make room to move a couple antique pieces out of the basement. These are really nice pieces and I hate to see them down there with stuff being piled on top of them.
I was kinda surprised that Hubbie was on board with the furniture re-arranging ,usually he can find a million reasons why we shouldn't move things around.

After lunch I started sorting through the piles in my office and I made a point of not just taking things and piling them some where else. I found a place for everything I took out of there and put it away.
I worked all afternoon and went back in there after I ate a delicious supper daughter fixed for us and worked until 10:00 tonight.
I've discovered that I have a massive amount of photography stuff, albums (mostly empty), frames ( all shapes and sizes), old film cameras (some brand new), and of course photographs and clippings that all need to be organized.I will be using one of the antique furniture pieces to store all this stuff in one place.

It's kind of fun to do this kind of cleaning because of the things you find buried deep in these piles.A couple years ago daughter was dating a guy that graduated from Appalachian University and during the Apple Festival that year I bought this bird house gourd for him for Christmas. They broke up shortly after I bought it and today I found it buried under some other stuff. I'll hang it out for my birds this year,they won't care how it's painted.I also opened an old wooden box that I really have no idea from where it came and found this what appeared to be an old toy ,but alas Hubbie won't be quitting his day job. Depending where you look the value of this varies greatly,on e-bay anywhere from $5 - $20, but if you look on some specialized Polarine sites it fetches as much as $145. Guess I've found another neat nic nac ,I just wish I knew for sure where it came from !

The weather outside today wasn't fit for work out there anyway as I walked down to the mailbox it was really cold 33 with a pretty stiff breeze blowing making it even colder.
This is #2 sons yard now , at least he didn't have to worry last night when the wind started blowing.
As soon as the weather breaks he is going to plant a smaller fast growing hedge along the road to cut down the road noise and the wind. When I look at those big logs I didn't realize those trees were that big.
My dad and I dug those trees from other parts of his farm and planted them along this road to block the wind.
Thankfully the weather wizards have lowered the snow total for us for tomorrow night to 1-2 inches,we can handle that ! Then spring like by the week end, I can't wait !!!
Grateful tonight for the Lords graciousness and understanding in all that I do.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, I love to clean sometimes also--and can find hidden treasures just like you found.

Glad you are getting your antiques out of the basement.. I only have two special antique pieces of furniture left. One is a glassed cabinet which belonged to my great aunt. The other is an old desk which belonged to my parents.

Don't know if we'll get much snow either. They say 1-3 inches--but sometimes when they say that, we only get 1/2 an inch... SO?? Who knows....

Glad your son got the trees down...

Have a good day..