Saturday, December 18, 2010


No ice or snow this morning thankfully.
But the forecast kept market at a slow pace all morning,finally after lunch customers made their way into town and we wound up having a good day after all.
Daughter and I did a little shopping after market before she had to go home and get ready to go to work at 4.
While I was just finishing up my grocery shopping for tomorrow nights family gathering I saw flashing lights in front of my eyes and knew a migraine was only minutes away. I hurriedly paid for my groceries and headed home, racing against the jittery feelings that were overtaking me. I called Hubbie to let him know what was going on in case I didn't make it home. I took all back roads so I didn't have to deal with traffic and I made it safely.
After Tylenol and a hot pack over my eyes for a while I'm better of the migraine but still feel jittery.
I used to get very painful headaches but now I just get the jitters,some numbness in different places and vision fissures as they are called as my migraines.
The trigger for today's was probably a capucinno my daughter brought me at market. I drank it on an empty stomach. I don't do well with caffeine, even on a full stomach I get spaced out feelings. I feel drained tonight as if I've been sick for days instead of just a few hours of a migraine.
A good time for some more decade memories,this time from 1990.
Both our boys were active in Cub Scouts back then and Hubbie was the troop Cub Master while I was an executive office in the local Boy Scout organization. Every December we had our pack Christmas party and awards ceremony.
Our Cub Pack always had a float in the Christmas parade. This year we are pulling the float with our 1985 Blazer.
Every December also all 3 of our kids were always in the church Christmas play. The little angel in the center with the silver halo is daughter.
Our 1990 Christmas tree.
Here are my three kids with their Pawpaw on Christmas eve 1990.
Christmas eve was always spent with Hubbie's family. Here is Hubbie's mom with all 5 of her grandkids.
Hubbie and I in the wee hours of Christmas morning after staying up late doing Santa's job of putting things together.
Christmas morning 1990.
Then it was off to Hubbie's grandparents house for Christmas day lunch. THis is Granny sporting the apron I made for her that year.
Then we were off to spend Christmas day night with my family at my mom's house.
Front row- my 3 kids.
sitting row- left to right my oldest brother, mom, youngest brother,Hubbie
standing- ex-wife of oldest brother holding her daughter,me, younger brothers wife.
Christmas was a very busy time for us back then. But it still is a very busy time,just different kind of busy.
I felt guilty so many years because I thought it was unfair to the kids to stay on the run during Christmas but some of the best memories of their lives were made on these busy Christmas's.
I'm headed to bed early tonight ,hopefully to refresh for tomorrow, another of those busy days !!!
Thanking God for helping me get home today with only His assistance,after all that's really all the assistance that's ever necessary.
Good Night,Merry Christmas and God Bless.


Rita said...

I sure understand about migraines. I use to have them so bad I'd be in bed for several days and nothing touched the pain but sleep. Now, I do not have them often. They can sure ruin a well planned day or upset a work day schedule. I take 1 excedrin and 1 xanax or a valium. And lay down. I still feel weak afterward the the vision problems and pain are not there. I can continue with work after laying down for 1/2 hour. Then I go home as soon as the work day is over. You are such a cute couple. Nice to see such loving pictures.

Country Mouse Studio said...

wonderful to look through old photos, you two are a great looking couple. Hope you're feeling better