Monday, April 2, 2012


No g-son or hubbie this morning as most Mondays  have. Hubbie is working so he can be off Friday and d-in-love is registering g-son for kindergarten this morning before taking him to his pre-school.He will go to the school that daughter works in.
I spent the morning with chores and walking. As I walked I noticed this large Robin was always sitting on this gate just above the equipment shed.

I soon discovered why as another Robin flew to a rafter in the shed with a string in her mouth. I looked up there and saw a nest being constructed. I will have to watch this one as there are black snakes all around this shed.

Then I left early to pick g-son up to go by Say Mor for some baking supplies. After I picked him up we went to see how crowded the Barber Shop where he gets his hair cut was. Only one in the chair and it was a little boy of a friend of ours. We had a nice visit while we waited. G-son did great during his haircut except for a few wiggles that caused hair to get down the back of his shirt.
 The haircut looks really good I think. At least it is much cooler and he needs it today as the temperature has been 81 degrees.
I was outside playing with him in the afternoon and then stayed outside doing yard work after he left and I am sunburned tonight.
I got all the beds in the back yard remulched while Hubbie mowed the lawn. I also got all the lounge chairs out of the shed where I stored them for winter.
#1 son was mowing his yard this evening when he tried to mow a steep bank and flipped the riding lawn mower backwards on him. Thank God he got everything from under it except his bad leg which seems to be okay as it hit in a spot that hasn't had any surgeries.
More of my azaleas are in bloom today.

The Cottonwood trees are in bloom as evidenced by the little purple trumpet looking buds laying all around the yard.
And the Japanese Maple tree that hubbie and I moved last spring is all leafed out already.
Tonight I'll end this Monday of Holly week with another tree that is blooming right now as if speaking out just in time for Easter.
I'm talking about the  Dogwood trees which are in full bloom around our area right now.
Although the Bible doesn't specify what tree the cross that Jesus died on was made from, legend has it that it was the Dogwood.
I have a plaque with this legend printed on it.

Please click on the photo and  read why the dogwood is now a small  tree with a twisted trunk.

Thankful tonight that God was with #1 son as he escaped the lawn mower incident with only bruises.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Happy Holy Week to you, Marilyn. I love Holy Week Services especially Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. It's hard to really appreciate Easter without re-living the last week of Jesus' life this week... That makes Easter even more glorious.

Love the Dogwoods --and the legend is one I love to read over and over...

It's hot here also --and the flowers aren't lasting as long as they usually do.

Hard to believe that your grandson will be in Kindergarten this Fall...Wow!!!!!

Gonna be out-of-pocket for a few days...