Thursday, April 26, 2012


WHEW!!!!  What a day !!!!
When I woke up this morning and looked out the window in the bedroom I saw a cloudy but calm sky.
After getting dressed and starting to wrap some cakes frosted late last night I heard the deputies on the scanner talking about some bad weather on the way. I flipped the kitchen TV on to the radar station and saw a line of reds and yellows headed over the mountain toward us.
I quickly hurried outside and finished chores just as big raindrops started to fall.
I could hear thunder in the distance getting closer with each bolt of lightening. The weatherman said the storms were moving about 60mph.
I wasn't going anywhere until this bad boy passed to the south.
An unusual route for a storm to reach us through. If storms come across the mountains heading south they usually break up, but these were holding together well.
My 4-legged kids were scared and shaking so badly that I couldn't bring myself to leave until the storms passed and they calmed down. I was about an hour late getting to market but no one had been in there either in the stormy weather.
I had a decent day after the skies cleared,thank you Lord.
As it neared closing time another dark cloud lurked on the horizon. I ran weekly errands and picked up baking supplies on the way home and out ran the rain until my last stop and it poured .
I made it home and between showers unloaded and got things put away.
After a quick snack I did chores early before heading over to daughter's house for a Beauticontrol spa party.
Shortly after I got there the storms started, we watched the lightening streaking to the ground for much of the evening.

 I was impressed with the product line of skin care in this presentation so I'm hoping to look 20 years younger shortly after my products arrive and I start using them,hahahaha!!
We were told to come with washed faces prepared to be pampered. After cleansing,toning and putting the lotion containing "alpha hydroxy" in them on,my face feels much smoother and looks shiny. All their products are free from perfume and have a nice natural scent.
Avon used to have a face cream that I used with the alpha hydroxy but they don't carry that cream anymore. These products were along the same price as Avon products.
 They also have a line of all natural mineral make up and one of daughter's friends is going to host a make-up party that I'll attend later this month.
As I started home the lightening and thunder were getting closer and I was hoping to beat it home.
Well I ran right into the storm but couldn't hear the thunder because of the marble size hail that was pounding my van. I'll have to check tomorrow to see if I have any damage,at times I actually thought the windshield would break. There was no place to pull over so I slowly drove through it.
Sadly there is a large strawberry farm in the vicinity of  where I ran through the worst of the hail.
When I got home hubbie said we had it here at the farm also.
It will be interesting in the morning to survey the damage.
I'll be glad for this day to come to an end.
Tonight is foggy but the storms have all moved out of the area at least for the night.
God is in control and I can rest in peace as I trust in Him.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

We woke up yesterday morning to a storm (thunder, lightning, HAIL and rain). We needed the rain --but didn't need the hail. Luckily though, other than some flowers being beaten down, we didn't have any damage. Hope you didn't have any either.

We were lucky because we saw lots of damage both near Knoxville and near Nashville. HUGE hail --with car windows broken; trees down; etc.... Yow!

Hope today is a better day for both of us.