Monday, April 23, 2012


BRRRR!!!!! 38 degrees at 8 am makes snuggling under the warm covers hard to give up this morning.
Feeling sorry for all the animals braving these winds today,bless their little furry and feathered hearts !
Extra rations all around hoping to reduce the severe shock that the cold brings compared to the 70 and 80 degree days we've had lately.
Hubbie is determined to mow the lawn on his day off today but he will wait until after lunch in hopes the sun will come out.
We picked up g-son from pre-school and came home to eat left overs.
This is something you don't see often, not your normal grass mowing attire !!!
Except when the chill factor is 36 degrees !!!!

G-son and I spent the afternoon inside out of the wind and cold playing with Lincoln logs and eating M&M cookies.
Man what a lazy afternoon for me! It's too windy and cold outside and I just can't get in the mood to do anything inside today so I'm relaxing catching up on my magazine reading watching g-son play.
After he left for karate lessons I went outside to give the chickens an extra snack and then did some bird watching while watching the news.
I watched this little Wren feverishly feeding her brood all evening.
 As the wind blew this gourd from side to side she had to hang on to keep from getting thrown off each time she brought a worm or bug to her babies.
Never believe that paint scares birds off. When I first hung this gourd I was afraid I would have no takers but there has been birds in this both years in the spring and in winter they use it at night to get out of the cold.
After chores and a light supper I went through some old recipes for new ideas.
When I went through decade pics I found no 1972 April pics but in April 1982 I was the mama of a six month old and Easter was in April so you know there were pictures. Here's little fat cheeks with his first Easter egg basket.
He also liked suckers !!!!
Later in the month here we are sitting on the front porch of our first home.
I cannot believe some days that it has been over 30 years since this picture. But then I look in the mirror,haha !!!!!

The wind is still blowing tonight but not as hard as last night so maybe the electric service is safe. At 11:00 it is 46 degrees with a chill factor well below freezing if you are outside tonight.
Thankful on nights like these that I have a warm home and that God is watching over me as I sleep.
Good Night and God Bless.

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