Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Sloshing through morning chores I got soaked to the bone even in a raincoat and hood. The chickens were in no hurry to escape their warm dry houses and I don't blame them.
Several loud booms of thunder woke me during the night and it was always raining steadily.
This was the radar around 10 am today for our area.

And about an hour later there was a end in sight.
I stayed inside and iced 6 caramel cakes before venturing out to pick up g-son. It was just a light drizzle by the time we got home after making a quick stop to pick up my Avon order at my friends house on the way.
G-son fell at pre-school and has a pump knot on his forehead and is kind of down in the dumps. I don't know if the bump on the head is making him feel bad or maybe just the dreary weather.
After a nice lunch he got busy building with his Lincoln logs and this is the end product after his goal was to use all the small log pieces.

He was very proud and I was very impressed. This guy is set to be a famous architect one day !!
His mom went grocery shopping before she picked him up so I started cleaning the floors except the living room until she got here. Now I will have to figure a way to clean around his building project !
At the end of the rain I checked the gauge and found over 2" in there. About double what they predicted but much needed!  Thank you Lord.
My large chest freezer downstairs is in need of a defrosting job and on this dreary afternoon I tackled that job. After removing everything from it and packing it in ice or finding a place in the other freezer for it I let the freezer  set and warm enough for the ice to turn loose.
I sewed up some small eyelet lace pillows and got them ready to stuff but didn't get that done before I heard the ice start falling off the sides of the freezer.
It didn't take long to get all the ice out and dry the freezer. I like to get the ice out before it melts.
Hubbie helped get everything back in it then we had a salad supper.
I did chores and sat out some older veggies to thaw for the chickens to eat tomorrow.
I did the weekly paperwork and watched Survivor on TV tonight before icing my chocolate and coconut cakes. Daughter brought her baked goods over tonight. She has poison ivy on the side of her face ,neck and back from her recent yard work around her house.
I just realized tonight that I haven't done any decade photos for this month yet.
Grateful to God for the thirst quenching rain for all the plants and for all the blessings He bestowed upon me today.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Again, I cannot believe you all got all of that rain --and we got almost NOTHING... Darn it!!!!!

Your grandson is really growing up.... Such a smart young man.

Gail said...

So glad you got rain. We finally got some, almost two inches and it was greatly needed.

An amazing village there in your living room. Good job!

Anonymous said...