Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Today started extra early for a good reason !!   Spring flea market trip !! 
Hubbie and #1 son put the camper cover on the truck last night so we would have more room to ride because d-in-love who had never been to this market was going to get to go.
We bundled up in the mid 30's temperatures and headed down the mountain to Pickens,S.C..
We were surprised to see the smaller crowd than normal today, I guess the shoppers didn't like the cool weather.
This is my crowd of shoppers getting ready already to take a load of plants to the truck.
G-son argued with me when I mentioned taking the stroller,saying everyone would think he was a baby. As you can tell he enjoyed riding some of the time and by the way my knees felt at the end of the walk I wished I had a stroller to ride in !!!
G-son had a wonderful time as always ,he made many new friends.
Some furry........

Some feathered.......

And of course all the toy boxes caught his attention.
We all found some really nice treasures and the plants were nice this trip.
This is the back of the loaded truck with d-in-love's lovely azaleas at the back. We also bought Hostas and Herbs and even a Lemon tree !!
I got a very good deal on some pottery that I have wanted for a while. I found a face jug and several pitchers that I'll make pics of tomorrow.
The weather was perfect except for a nasty wind that kicked up late morning,whipping the red clay dust into whirlwinds and causing sneezing and coughing all around.
We left and stopped at the local McDonalds for lunch. G-son ate his quickly and hit the play area.
He was going so fast he was just a blurr as he slid time after time down this huge slide.
Man I wish I had some of that energy !!!
We got home and emptied the truck around 3:00 and everyone scattered except g-son who stayed with me while Hubbie mowed the lawn. He wanted to swing so I spent the afternoon pushing,at least I got to sit down !!
Daughter and b-friend came after him to take him to her house where he would be joined by a couple friends from church that she was also watching while the young couples class from church went out to eat together.
In the really cool evening air I did chores , then hurried inside and caught up on paperwork for March and for the week.
Hubbie and I watched Survivor then it was back to pay bills for the week and then ice some chocolate cakes.
Tonight the wind is dying down and that is not good news for the fruit that is hanging on the trees.
Looks like a lot of folks will be in the same boat !!
At 11:00 it is 42 degrees so I look for it to get at least to freezing if not below.
Whew , what a day !! I'm wore out tonight but it was worth every achy muscle and sneeze.
Thanking God for a safe trip, a blessing filled day of family and  the opportunity to serve Him daily.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Well---we escaped the frost last night --but it's going to be colder here tonight. We do have a freeze warning. Just hope there's not alot of damage. I hope that this will be the LAST cold night of this season....

Your flea market trip looked like fun ---and you all got some good buys I'm sure. Those are beautiful Azaleas.


Gail said...

Sounds like my kind of place to visit.

Tracy said...

I love flea markets and it looks like you'll had a great time! I know it was cold bcause we are cold here and I do not like it one bit! Please turn the sun back on please!

Claudia said...

Those little friends from church were so excited to go to her house. I think Emilia is in love with the b-friend, she woke up the next morning saying "I play T. and D." and when she said his name she open her big green eyes, it was funny!!!

She is so good with children!!! We love her dearly!!!!!