Friday, April 20, 2012


UH-OH !!!
These blooms make most folks around these parts catch a quick breath when they first pop out.
Blackberry blossoms mean blackberry winter !!!  And wouldn't you know right on cue another cold snap is headed our way.
After the last cold snap which was Dogwood winter and Easter cold spell rolled into one and doubly damaging, wiping out at least 2/3 of our county's apple crop.
At our place the really cold temps spared most of our fruit, now I hope this next cold spell will see fit to do the same !!
We still have plums.
And Figs even with some frost damage to the top leaves.
 Our apples also took a hit from the last cold spell, they are  planted on a lower level than these other trees and that evidently made a huge difference.
The clouds hung thick again today but no rain came yet.
I spent the morning after chores  on a walk checking out the fruit and taking these photos.
It was cool enough for a  jacket with a light breeze and no sun.
Back inside I baked 6 caramel and 1 chocolate cake for market tomorrow before lunch.
As I thought of what to do after lunch it seemed that this week for some reason especially has gone quickly by me. It seems like it was only yesterday that daughter and I were bidding at last Saturday's auction. Time sure flies sometimes more than others it seems for me.
I finished my pillows this afternoon and got them all stuffed and priced to fill some of the empty spaces on my market table.
These were made from the eyelet fabric I bought at the Flea market last week.

These are some pillow panels that I had packed away in my shop.

As I got out my cord foot for my machine it brought back memories of my "home sewing" days when the kids were small. I had my commercial machine in our bedroom back then and after the kids were in bed I would sew together pillows. Some weeks I made over 500 pillows, then they had to be turned which provided the kids with some income. At that time there were several home sew opportunities in the county but those are long gone today. At different times I worked for 4 different business's. It was a wonderful way to supplement our farm income for me. Slowly these business's closed up shop with the opening of 2 local small sewing manufactures,one which specificly makes pillows !

I sat out in the sunroom for a while before chore time and listened to the news of the coming rain for tomorrow and the cold front for the first of the week,uhhh!!
After a salad for supper I iced the caramel and chocolate cakes. Daughter brought some blackberry bread over to sell tomorrow.
She has been putting apple cider vinegar on her poison ivy and it is getting better. She has it all over one side of her face and now on her eye brow, if it gets closer to her eye she is going to have to go to the doctor.
I am ready for a good hot soak in the tub tonight.
Grateful to God for a wonderful day and the blessings He showers down.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh My--sorry about your daughter's poison ivy... Yuk!!! Hope it doesn't get any worse.

So your #2 son is now interested in buying a new home???? You eventually aren't going to have any kids left nearby... BUT--at least they are all still in the area.

We're supposed to get some cold weather also.. They said that there may be snow in the Smokies... GADS!

Love your pillows...

Hope you have a good weekend.