Monday, April 9, 2012


Woke at 7 am to g-son coming in. We were hoping to snooze with him for a little while longer but no dice !!   He spotted his surprise Easter bunny drop off as soon as he came through the door even with half closed eyes !!  No chocolate until a breakfast of waffles and milk were consumed.  He made short work of the chocolate bunny for his breakfast dessert.
After I finished chores and I had my breakfast which was the normal cereal and hot tea. (no chocolate for me)
Dolly and Bernie lined up for haircuts and baths. I found the first tick of the season crawling on my arm last night  and I want their hair short enough to see if they bring any of those little buggers inside on them.
After lunch Hubbie went up to church to work on the parking spot lines and g-son and I headed outside. It is another beautiful day although a little cool,65 but plenty of sunshine.
If you enlarge this pic you can still see the chocolate on his face from the Easter bunny drop off !!
While he rode his bike and played on the swing I took some pics.
This is the huge azalea that graces my front porch each year.
I saw what I thought was a carpenter bee pollinating these blossoms but when I looked closer I discovered it was no carpenter bee. I have no idea what this is, it almost looks like a mutation of several different bees.  If anyone has any idea what this might be please let me know.

This was a large bee ,a bit larger than the regular carpenter bees around here. Best guess so far is not a bee at all but rather a Hummingbird Moth .

Another nice bloomer is this old fashioned Snowball bush. The balls are green now but in a few days they will be white.
As I walked over to check #1 son's house today when I heard his dogs barking I saw that these Pink Lady Slippers were beginning to bloom.
 When we gave #1 son that parcel of land I knew there were lots of these pink lady slippers growing on it. Before they graded I dug up several and moved them to a different location. Sadly after a couple years they decided they didn't like their new home and they all died. Now some of them are making a come back to join some of the ones that were still on our side of the property line. I love these little delicate beauties.
This is g-son running from Pawpaw's shop to tell me they caught a mouse in a trap.
He left to go to his karate class at 5 this evening. He is enjoying that very much.
Hubbie and I made a trip to Tractor Supply to pick up chick starter and them stopped by Sam's Club for a few things on the way home.
So far this season all my chicks have done very well.  These are the first hatched chicks mixed with the tractor Supply Americanas and New Hampshire Reds I bought and started in the basement. They are almost 6 weeks old now. Another 2 weeks and they will be ready to go out into the lot with the Silkies.

This picture is one of the white Silkies that sat on the neighbors green eggs and none hatched, so I bought her some Production Red chicks from Tractor Supply.
And this is the other hen with her bought chicks.
All these chicks are almost 2 weeks old.
I have a red Silkie setting on a dozen silkie eggs that should hatch any day now  and another red silkie on some more of the neighbor's eggs plus a couple of my Orpingtons that  should hatch this weekend.
Surprisingly no one else has wanted to set !!

After a supper of left overs and evening chores I crashed in the sunroom with my 4-legged kids and watched darkness fall. I am sapped this evening after a not so demanding day but I didn't sleep well last night so I am getting in bed early tonight to get ready for another day with g-son tomorrow as he is out of pre-school for spring break this week.
Tonight is only going to be in the low 40's but tomorrow night look out, we are under a freeze warning for Tuesday and Wednesday nights,yuck !!!  Praying for all the early fruit that is on the trees and vines.
Thanking God for the wonderful day filled with the joy of grandson and the beauty of God's creations.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Gail said...

What a wonderful day. Nothing says spring quite like new chicks.