Saturday, April 14, 2012


Up and out early to do the chores,was happy to see the sick chicks feeling much better this morning. That trip to town to get the vitamin drench for them was well worth the time !
Market was pretty good today with quite a few people coming through. Daughter was there before us and the windshield replacement guy was already working on her jeep when we arrived. A few months ago when she and I were driving out 64 highway into town something hit and broke a spot in her windshield. She called he insurance and they sent someone out to check it, they ground the chip out. Friday morning in the cold morning as she scraped ice ,it popped and cracked all the way across from the previous chip. So they brought her a new windshield this morning.
After they finished she walked up the street to an auction at one of the antique shops near market. She called her dad to come up there and not long after he left he came back to market carrying an old coffee grinder.
He said I should go up with daughter because the prices were really good as not many folks were bidding while he stayed and ran our market table.
 I have bought things in this shop before but the owner passed away and they decided to auction all the contents off. The prices were unbelievably low and most things were in box lots. If they didn't get a bid (which happened frequently) they just added another box until finally someone would at least bid $5.
I've never been to an auction like this one and probably won't ever again.
I would have bought more furniture to fix up and resell if I had the truck there but I had my van, hubbie's car and daughter's jeep and  daughter bought enough stuff to fill all of them up.
My biggest purchase was this Eastlake old settee. It has been reupholstered but some of the original covering can still be seen where the staples are pulled out. We sat these boxes on it for now but when I get it cleaned up I'll post another pic.
I will research it for value, all I know right now is that it was made between 1850-1890. Depending on it's worth, I might sell it or it might go in my living room, we'll see !
Another bunch of box lots.
I like this old whirly-gig and it really works !!
These old Pepsi Bottles with the Pepsi still in them were part of a box full of old bottles that we got for $5.

We got a lot of milk glass that I haven't gone through yet.
How long has it been since you have seen Oreo cookies sold in tins? For $2 I couldn't pass these up.
This is only a little bit of what I brought home. There are many more boxes to go through,a set of old chairs ,a wooden five foot candelabra and much more to view later.
Most of this stuff will go on E-Bay after it is cleaned up so wish me luck.
After getting everything loaded up from market and the auction we didn't get home until after 3:00. Daughter and I compared sunburned faces,arms and chest that we got from standing in the street at the auction. We got things inside and then I moved all the outside plants back outside and watered them all good this evening.
#1 son came over to wash his car and g-son just had to help.
As we stood and talked he hitched himself to the trailer !!
Daughter came back by to pick up her dog and brought a strawberry pie she had made. We all came inside and had a piece,yummmy !!!
After chores this evening hubbie and I had to make a trip to Ingles for some Sunday lunch supplies.
This has been an unusual Saturday but one I have really enjoyed. Hopefully I can make some money on my purchases and I can do it again sometime !!

I feel a little guilty tonight telling all about my awesome day when I know that just up the road from our farm devastating sorrow and sadness fills a neighbor's house. This young lady and my daughter played volleyball together and where friends all through school. My #1 son dated her sister and we have all lived in the same community for years. This young lady became a single parent 23 months ago to a beautiful baby boy.
He was her life and brought joy to all who knew him as a spunky little almost 2 year old can.
Last Wednesday morning for some unknown reason the Lord decided to take this little boy home after only 23 short months leaving his mother devastated along with the entire family. He was fine on Sunday at their church Easter egg hunt, Monday he had an upset stomach, Tuesday he started to vomit ,the doctor said it was just a virus, Wednesday in an ambulance between the doctor's office and the hospital he lost his life. Leaving the whole community stunned and looking for answers.
The sadness and pain this young mother is going through I cannot imagine. My heart aches for her and her family. All I can do is pray for God to touch each of their lives with His loving hands and guide them through this tragedy. Please join me in lifting them up in prayer, they need all the prayers they can get right now.
Good Night and God Bless.


knancy said...

Your finds at the auction are so interesting. Please take gobs of pics - I can't wait to see what all you got! It will be like opening a treasure chest! Surprises galore.

Hate to hear the horrible news of a death of a child. Don't understand why this ever has to happen. So sorry for all involved.

Anonymous said...