Thursday, April 12, 2012


The temperature when I got up at 5 am to go to the bathroom was 34 degrees,and at 8 am it was 35,don't know what happened between 5 and 8 but the bottom pastures were frosty.
Got ready for market and picked up daughter on the way where she was having tires put on her jeep.
Slow was the order of the day but we did sell a few cakes and eggs so I am very thankful for that.
A neighbor ran daughter to pick up her jeep as he made a delivery about noon.
She came back to market and now we are both working on our laptops instead of waiting on customers !
Any time there is a holiday weekend the week after seems extra slow.
The neighbor lady helped me put names on the folks in this old photo. They are standing in front of the middle couples house which also served as the church for that area. The 2 men on the left were preachers.
 Now if only I can figure out how to get the names printed on the actual photo I'll be ready to send it to have copies made !!
After market I went with daughter to the market neighbor's house to pick up a house warming present of a Japanese Magnolia tree they had bought for her. The husband used to be a landscaper so their yard was a garden of many different plants and trees. As we walked through he named all the plants and there were several that were spreading into areas they weren't wanted in so daughter is going to be the lucky recipient of the over flow plants. I told her to make sure she notes the names of all the different plants.
We drove back to market to pick up my van and then headed over to Aldi to pick up baking supplies and some groceries. I also had a few weekly errands to run before coming home.
Hubbie got home from work about the same time I got home. After unloading he went up to church to finish the painting job he started last week.
I took my 4-legged kids and snuggled in the coolness of the evening until chore time.
On the news they showed apple farmers assessing the damage to their apples.
This is what the beautiful blossoms looked like yesterday.

But in many areas this is what they looked like today..
This is not a good sign for the fruits in the county. I didn't realize it got that cold but in some areas a temperature of 24 degrees was recorded. I didn't go out to look around at our fruits as tonight is going to be another cold night so even if they survived last night they may not be here tomorrow.
As I type this at 11:00 it is 44 degrees and dropping. I covered my roses with blankets to protect them but any thing else is on its own.
I know I am sure looking forward to the 80 degree temps predicted for the weekend !!
I've been yawning all evening,I think all that walking yesterday is finally catching up with me.
Grateful to God for all the blessings of the day.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh Marilyn, I'm sick about the apple trees in your area. How sad.... We dodged the bullet here and had no frost... The temp got down to about 34 --but think we got lucky. We have one more night to get through this mess... I'll be so glad to see warm temperatures back... (But I dread the heat of summer!)

Glad you can figure out some of the people in that old photo... I have so many of my parents' old photos with NO NAMES.... And there's nobody left to ask...

Good Luck tonight... Hope tomorrow will be a better day for us all.

Claudia said...

You can add names to your photos, is not hard. All you need is a photo program, nothing fancy, anything like Picasa or any editing thing will do it. I'm sure Tracy or Amy would know what to use ...

Good luck with your photo project! :)