Saturday, April 7, 2012


As I got ready for market this morning I was glad to see that Jack Frost skipped over us last night. Our thermometer said 36 which is cool enough for me!
Market was all decked out for Easter today.
 We all chipped in and bought these 2 huge cakes to be served to our customers.

 Some of the vendors decorated their tables.

 This table didn't need any extra decoration with all these colorful plants for sale.

 This is my table with all daughter's and my goodies.

 And this is the Easter bunny that sold our products today !!!
I get to wear this vest only a couple times each year.  Love the colorful Easter eggs !!

Even  with all the decorations and free cake we still did not succeed in getting a good crowd of customers in the market today. This was one of the slowest Saturday before Easter days I've ever had. However I am very thankful for what I did sell which was better than most of my neighbors.
Daughter has been in Greensboro since Thursday night meeting her b-friends family. They are Jewish and she attended their Seder dinner last night. It was a new experience for her. They are driving back tonight so she can teach her Sunday School class tomorrow.
After unloading the van and having some celery sticks and cauliflower for a late lunch I weeded my blackberry patch and gave the chickens some much appreciated greens to eat.
The temperature is 68 degrees this evening and it feels nice outside.  I have been watching a big patch of oregano get bigger and bigger in one of my raised beds so today I decided to cut it before the frost gets it. I have a bunch of oregano now drying downstairs. I also trimmed my rosemary ,boy did my hands smell good after all this cutting !!!
Hubbie had been catching up outside jobs all evening also and we both decided we needed a good supper tonight. We got out our next to last bag of frozen shrimp from our October vacation at the coast and grilled them in small foil tents with old bay seasoning and butter and had 2 baked potatoes from our  potato bag in the microwave.  A delicious quick ( less than 15 minutes total) meal for 2 tired,hungry people.
 Hey !!! I should have went to this party, I love Easter hats !!!
 These girls were having fun today at Jackson Park during the Easter activities.
When our kids were little we never missed this fun day at the park.

Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Everything was decorated so Easter-y, Marilyn, at the Market... Sorry that you all didn't do as well as you had hoped. The economy is really making a difference to most people in one way or the other. Paying almost $4 a gallon for gas --and so much more for groceries than we used to really hurts...

Love your vest... Cute!!!! Hope you and your family have a blessed Easter tomorrow. Thanks be to God that Jesus is ALIVE...He is RISEN. ALLELUIA.