Tuesday, April 3, 2012


This morning was another warm,sunny, beautiful morning, not quite as warm as yesterday but still ,
67 degrees before 10 am is pretty nice.
After chores I refilled all the bird feeders. These Gold Finches are starting to get their bright colors.
 I also checked on Mrs. Robin up at the shed who was still busily constructing her nest.

I got one load of laundry done before I left to stop by Aldi on my way to pick up g-son. After I got him we stopped at Walgreens to pick up prints of February and March photos to add to my albums.
Then went to Ingles for some more M&M cookies for his lunch dessert.
After lunch I hung out the bed sheets and comforter on the line to dry in this nice sunshine.
While g-son played and watched TV I did 3 more loads of laundry and cleaned house. As I dusted the living room where he was I heard the TV put out a severe thunder storm warming for our area. I Looked outside and saw the sun still shining but when I stepped out on the porch I could see the dark clouds quickly covering the sky.
I gathered my already dry things from the clothesline and sat my ferns out from under the eaves of the roof to get a drink from Mother Nature.
The thunder got louder and the skies grew eriely dark before the rain even got here. As the rain started I hoped it didn't bring hail.
Hubbie made it home in the middle of the storm and we watched with g-son as the worst of it skirted us to the south. We could see the rain sheets across the hills as we watched the lightening streak to the ground.
#1 son soon came after g-son as he got rained out of the orchard he was mowing in.
The rain slacked off at chore time and when I checked the rain gauge it had only 2/10ths inch in it but just as I finished shutting up the chickens the rain started again.
After a salad and exercises I relaxed for the evening.
As I looked at weather maps tonight I found this map predicting that April was going to follow March's trend of warmer than normal temperatures.
 I dread the severe  storms that will come with this unseasonal weather. So many record weather situations are already arising, like this size hailstones that fell today in Tennessee.

Then this 7-day local forecast caught my attention.

What will we call these cooler days ??  Dogwood Winter ?? ,  Easter Cool Spell ??
That 37 is too close for comfort , I'm glad I don't have a lot of plants out yet !
Thanking God for a blessed day full of His creations and careful plans.
Good Night and God Bless.


Tracy said...

yeah, and cripes we were going to go golfing on Friday but the temps are too chilly for me...I do NOT like being cold...weird weather! I do hope we get some rain tonight to wash away the pollen though!

Jean said...

The Goldfinches are pretty in their summer coats. Love the Robin's nest.
This warm weather is scary to me.
Blackberries are beginning to bloom so maybe Blackberry winter is not far ahead.
Happy Easter to you and yours!