Sunday, April 1, 2012


Hummmm!!!!   April fool's day and Palm Sunday ??  Somehow those two just don't mix well !! I will choose Palm Sunday .
On this day as Jesus rode a donkey into Jerusalem the people celebrated laying cloaks and palm fronds in front of him for the donkey to walk on. The first "red carpet" treatment !!

As for my personal Palm Sunday morning,well it started out with a "bang" literally !!  The phone rang at 8:30 with #1 son on the other end saying there was a raccoon outside his fenced in yard acting very strange and antagonizing his dogs. That was why we were going to hear a gunshot !
He called back to say he walked right up to the raccoon on the inside of his fence and even poked it with his gun barrel and it only hissed and chattered at him. He killed the animal and buried it deeply as we suspect it had rabies by the way it was acting and with it challenging his dogs in the daylight.

We had our Easter program given by our choir today during the morning service. The music was very good, d-in-love sung in the choir for the first time today. Daughter's b-friend who is Jewish went to church with us this morning. He is a conformed Jew and his dad was raised Baptist so it wasn't a big deal.
B-friend came here today and grilled ribs that were very good. He made a liquid glaze that was really good to put on them.
After lunch g-son wanted to go to the Easter egg hunt at church but his dad and mom both had plans for the afternoon so I took him.
He had a lot of fun and there were a lot of kids there.
They started out with sidewalk chalk drawings.
G-son drew an alien then traced my shadow without any arms or legs !!

Then it was inside for  story time.
That's a lot of little ones !!
After the story of Easter they got to decorate their own palm fronds.

And then as word of ,rain on the way, came it was outside for the highlight of the evening.

G-son was like a streak as he swooped in on the colored eggs.

As the rain started coming down he quickly filled his bucket.
Doesn't he look proud of himself ??
And you know I did not notice until now that his shirt probably wasn't the most appropriate thing to wear on this day !!   Oh well I'm sure no one but me noticed the cobra coiled ready to strike !!
Back inside for cupcakes,drinks and a bag of Easter candy for the road as the rains started to come down harder.
We headed home to finish the Lincoln Log building he had started before we left.
We didn't get the really hard rains here at the farm but did get a good shower.
After everyone left hubbie and I gave all the dogs their first dose of Frontline of the season. I haven't seen any scratching but I want to keep it that way. We don't give this to our dogs year round, only 6 months out of the year. #1 it is very expensive for multiple dogs and #2 I know it affects dogs in adverse ways with extended use.
After a 73 degree mid day temperature the rain shower dropped the temperature 10 degrees and at 11:00 tonight it has dropped another 10 degrees at 53.
The surprise storm this evening caused damage in Buncombe county and in the upstate areas.
All in all it has been a wonderful 1st day of April as well as 2012 Palm Sunday to begin a wonderful and sad Holy week.
My heart swells with thankfulness in these last days of Jesus's walk among men.
Good night and God Bless.

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