Saturday, April 21, 2012


Another cloudy morning as I headed out early to finish chores and get to market on time.
There were more people milling around the market aisles today than there have been in a long time. Sales reflected more shoppers as my sales today were good for a change.  An old friend that lost her father the first of March came by and we chatted for awhile, she lives in Fla., her dad lived here.  Several mutual friends came by to pick up cakes and the visits were nice. Also had a nice visit with my cook book writing friend who used to run one of the restaurants that buy my cakes. She is looking to get a space in the Curb Market.
Good luck Laurie !!

I had ideas to head straight home after market to get some work done on a new flower bed before the rain started but as I got to the edge of town the rain started to fall. So I just happened to be almost to a Goodwill store that I love to look around in so I stopped in. I found these 2 plates I fell in love with for my rooster decorated kitchen and also picked up some nice photo albums for really cheap.
 They are Metlock Poppytrail green rooster pattern and I'm sure they are worth more than the 50 cents each I paid and will look great in my kitchen. Although I can honestly say I'm glad there was only the 2 plates for I have no need for another entire set of dishes and these just called my name !!!!
As I drove home the rain stopped as quickly as it began and after hubbie and I unloaded the van I went to work on the new flower bed. The chickens enjoyed the weeds and wild strawberry vines that I pulled out. I planted the yellow rose I bought at the flea market and the blue hydrangea I got on sale at Tractor Supply which Annie promptly sat on and broke but maybe it will come out from what is left. She just thought she was helping spread the mulch !!!
Everyone was doing yard work ,#2 son was mowing and weed eating, #1 son and g-son came by to pull up some ivy we have growing everywhere up here to get started on a bank at his house. Hubbie offered to cook a pot of spaghetti for everyone's supper so we all had a nice visit after all the hard work. #2 son got a haircut while he was here and searched the computer for new house for sale listings.
The rain passed us by today and now the ssssssnow word is back in the forecast for Monday !!!
I did the evening chores and relaxed for the evening.
I went through my pictures searching for April decade pics and found some early ones of  me and my brothers in 1962.
My baby brother was born April 3rd and he was celebrating his 1st birthday in 1962 in this photo.
I must have had something in my eye,haha ???!!!!!

Thanking God tonight for a wonderful day filled with special friends and family.
Good Night and God Bless.


Tracy said...

lovely blog! I certainly hope that speck moves from your eye to your heart :) We did yard work yesterday in preparation of the impending rain and it worked out well since it has rained all night. I'm glad we're here in the triangle and NOT the mountains; you can keep the snow!

knancy said...

Looks like you were the cake lady back then, too!

Anonymous said...