Saturday, April 28, 2012


Market day started off busy even before I got to the market. Today is called "operation in as much" in the life of NC baptist churches. It is a day set aside for helping the community specifically this year with handicap ramp construction among other special projects that request came to the church for help with. Hubbie and #1 son are involved with this and as soon as my van was loaded hubbie took off to join son who was waiting at church. They were going with the sod farmer neighbor to do a job at the local elementary school which required a skid steer operator(#1 son) .
Daughter met me at market to help unload and get set up then she went to pick up g-son while d-in-love had a wedding to photograph today,whew!!!  We are a busy family!!!
G-son and daughter stopped at Yogurt World and brought me my yogurt lunch,yummy .
Market was fairly busy until lunch time and then it was like a ghost town. We had a fair day and I'm thankful for that.
Daughter and g-son walked down the street to a produce stand and got us some fresh corn and green beans for lunch tomorrow.
After we loaded they left for her house so g-son could play with her dog Tipper and I came home.
After unloading I had a snack and then rested until hubbie got home.
We have a decision to make now with our bottom pasture, as the sod farmer neighbor wants to rent it to plant soybeans in. It would mean keeping the cattle in the upper pastures where we would have to water them. It will be a decision that will require much thought !
#1 son and g-son came for supper tonight as we grilled our last fresh frozen shrimp from our last fall beach trip to go with some baked potatoes.
It has been a nice warm sunny day. This evening is a typical summer like evening with all the frogs chirping and unfortunately the mesquitos are hungry after a long winter's nap !!
In April of 1992 we were busy as well. Even though Easter was in April that year I found no Easter pictures. I think the kids all thought they were too old for egg hunting.
Instead there was fishing with Papa JB ( hubbie's father).
This is #1 son proudly showing off the fish he caught.
We had a lot of cattle in those years and some of the cutest calves were white faces.
This is our barn in that year. We have since added another shed on the near side.
When I look at these old pictures I am amazed at how the landscape around our farm has changed .
The 2 small trees behind #1 son and papa are now huge.
I found a new toy on the internet tonight, , a free photo editing site. I have tried some others but this one I like best.
This is some pics of my Iris blooms that I took this week before the hail.
This is the original photo.
This is my picmonkey version.
Here are a couple more I "fixed" on picmonkey, I replaced the original ones before I thought about keeping them to compare.
I love playing around with my pics for special effects !
I love God for giving me such beautiful subjects for my photos and am very thankful tonight for a wonderful day filled with heavenly blessings.
Good Night and God Bless.

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