Friday, April 6, 2012


Woke several times during the night to hear rain still coming down,so not sure what to expect this morning. Clouds were still here when I got up but no rain thankfully. I checked the gauge and found another 3/4" from overnight, bringing the total from this storm system to 3 1/4".
Yucky mud was the rule this morning as I did chores. After breakfast Hubbie and I went over to the estate sale place where we usually go . They had arrow heads advertised and that is a passion of Hubbies so he put a bid in on one of the collections.
I only found a couple little things that I couldn't live without ,of course one of them being a bird feeder on a pole. I'll photograph it when I get it put up.
These 2 pillows I had to have, they are new still with the tags on them, $39.99 each !!  I payed $5 each and think they are perfect for my birdwatching sunroom chairs !!

I spent the afternoon baking 6 more caramel cakes, 1 coconut , 1 wine and 1 pound cake for tomorrow.
Hubbie worked on the lawn mower that #1 son turned over last week and got it running again.
I delivered a large Avon order this evening and took another from a friend in Indiana.
This evening I collected all my potted plants that have been outside and brought them back inside as we are under frost warnings tonight.
These temperatures are more close to normal but after the really warm weather we have had it seems very cold and might damage some of the tender plants that are out ahead of their time.
Looks like my plants will stay inside for at least a week !!
It is still 49 degrees at 11:00 tonight so maybe it won't get as low as they predict.
After icing my cakes tonight and getting new labels printed I have things ready to go tomorrow.
On this cool night I'm looking forward to snuggling down under the covers for a long (almost like winter) nap.
Thanking God for my blessings today and for my health which allows me to continue to glorify Him.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, We just got home from a wonderful trip to the Balsam Mtn. Inn near Waynesville, NC...

Came home last night --and the rains came here then. We had quite a bit of rain --but that is all of the rain we had gotten here all week....

BUT--we are in a frost advisory tonight... We didn't think we were going to be in it --but they changed it to include us. Dang it... Hope we don't lose any of our new flower/plants/trees, etc....

LOVE those pillows... Awesome!!!!

Happy Easter.

sell my house said...

Yes,These temperatures are more close to normal.Hope your caramel cakes tastes yummy.
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