Monday, April 30, 2012


I can't believe today is the last day of April !!!  Where did this month go , I will admit though that this month didn't seem to disappear as quickly as last month did.
As I did chores and ate breakfast  the sun got hotter quickly and at 10am when hubbie and I left to run errands in town before picking up g-son it was 75 degrees,whew, it's still April .
We voted today and then made a feed store stop and a grocery store stop on the way to get g-son.
After lunch we headed up to the garden. We wanted to get our first summer planting started.
We sat out all our plants and planted the first  succession planting of beans, yellow squash and cucumbers as well as some acorn squash and other squash I had gotten which I don't remember what they look like.
G-son had the watering job.
He thought Pawpaw's job looked a lot more exciting than his ,but quickly changed his mind about that.
He went back to making mud pies after only a few steps !!!
We all got a little sunburned today in the hot  sunshine but we got the job done.
I moved chickens around today.
These are the first hatch of the season plus the Americana's and Rhode island red pullets I bought.
Today was their first day out in the big lot but they hung close together in this one corner most of the day.
After cleaning and re-bedding the large box they were in, I moved these Production Reds that I bought for the white Silkies who didn't have any of their eggs hatch.
G-son left to go to his karate class and I went back to cleaning chicken houses while Hubbie did fence mending.
I de-winterized all the houses and cleaned them all out and put new shavings inside. I moved another setting Silkie into a house of her own.
By the time I finished all this my back was screaming. I came inside and had a salad for supper with some fresh radishs and onions for the first garden produce of the year.
After delivering a caramel cake I went over to daughter's to feed her dog and let it out as she had to go to Asheville and take her b-friend to the emergency room to see if he is infected with the salmonella virus that is being found there now. He has been sick since eating a fish taco Saturday night.
I made it home just in time to round up all the newly released chicks and get them into their new night house with the Silkies.
As I drove home from daughter's I stopped and took these sunset pics as the clouds start to boil this evening.
 There was some storms and hail in some surrounding counties but we were fortunate to stay calm this evening.
Since this is the last day of April I need to finish up the decade pictures. In 2002 we were busy with daughter's activities. She had been recruited to join a local championship AAU basketball team. They won the state tournament so they earned a trip to the national AAU championships in Dallas,Texas.
This is the team with members from several different counties here in WNC, daughter is #10.
 The state tournament was on the same weekend as daughter's junior/senior prom. So she played in Friday night's game and Saturday morning's game,then we drove the 3 hour drive from Thomasville,NC home so she could go to the prom with her then boyfriend who was a senior.
A beautician friend of mine met us when we got home and put her hair up for her.
The prom was held at Highland Lake Inn and this is the Highland Lake waterfall. It was a perfect back drop for their pictures.
We drove back to Thomasville early Sunday morning and she didn't miss a game.Whew, all the traveling we used to do taking the kids to ball tournaments. I'm thankful that gas wasn't at the price it is now or it would have been a huge hardship.

I am looking forward to a hot bath and a good night's sleep after this day of hard work.
On this last day of April I accomplished the remainder of my April goals.
My May goals are:  Get a physical from my OB,  see the eye doctor for new glasses, get more sewing done, get the #2 planting in the garden done, loose weight .
I have had a very productive spring , getting most of my spring jobs done early with the summer like weather we have had.
Thanking God for my blessings of the past month and looking forward to what He has for me in May.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Gail said...

Sounds perfect. We are dry here already. Praying for a slow soaking rain. We have been harvesting strawberries for a couple of weeks...just a tad early but still delicious.