Monday, April 16, 2012


Another Monday with abnormally warm temperature to start the day. During chores this morning I decided to get rid of the eggs under and put the 2 little red Silkie's back into the big lot. I took out all the Silkie eggs from under the one hen and checked to make sure they were no chicks and the eggs all had just yolk and liquid in them. I put her in the lot but she was not a happy camper and took her frustration of no babies out on a couple other hens to re-establish her pecking order.
I started going through #2 hens large eggs that the neighbor had given me and the 2 of my large eggs and surprisingly I saw a small hole pecked in the side of one of my eggs. I broke the hole open enough for me to see a moving little beak inside so I put the egg back under her along with the other which had no hole yet. If the date was correct that I wrote down it has been 25 days.
After I put my Avon order online and called the realtor for #2 son it was time to pick up g-son from pre-school. He said his first day back was good but he was tired.
It will be hard for us all to get back into our routine this week after a week of spring break.
We came home for lunch and then headed outside to enjoy the nice warm sunshine with occasional clouds. G-son and I were playing in the yard when hubbie came down from working at his shop carrying this barrel full of baby birds.

 Even though we know these are baby Starlings and I don't really like these agressive large birds we still won't deprive these parents of their babies so he placed the barrel back in it's place in his shop.
G-son thought  it was so awesome that he could clap his hands and all the little yellow mouths would open up. Another nature lesson for him with live visuals !!!
We spent the entire afternoon outside until mom came to take him to karate lessons.
As I did the evening chores I checked on the hatching eggs and found one little black peeper and the other egg with a hole now in it. Lucky for this lady hen she will have 2 chicks. The other hen is sadly determined and was back setting on a nest in the big house this evening.
The forecast is for rain for the next couple days so this evening I worked in my sewing shop to get some pillows cut out so I can sew during the rainy days.
I also put some more of the old Fire King dishes on e-bay this evening along with an old working waffle iron / sandwich grill that was in the box with hubbie's coffee grinder. The old waffle maker actually works and has the instruction book  with it. It was made in the 40's and 50's.

Listings are free right now so I need to get as much stuff as I can on there to see what happens.
This evening there was a bad wreck just up the road from us knocking out power to many o the neighbors. Fortunately ours didn't go out at least not yet anyway. It closed the entire road down for several hours. Hopefully no one was badly injured.
I am very thankful tonight for God's grace and all my blessings for today.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, Cute little birds... Sometimes, we find Carolina Wrens in our garage --trying to build a nest in there...

We were disappointed that the rains today almost missed us totally. We had 5 minutes of rain --and that is ALL... We need rain so much --since we haven't had any in about 2-3 weeks now... George had to water the roses today...

Loved seeing all of the things you got at the auction... Wow--some special treasures for sure.


Anonymous said...