Monday, November 26, 2012


Thankful for one more extra sleep morning thanks to Hubbie who got up this morning and took g-son to school.
I did chores and then did an exercise tape to get back on my exercise schedule after a week off,uhhh !
Hubbie went to church to paint the youth room.
After my exercise I took a walk in the already quickly warming sunny morning. It was 23 degrees earlier but is warming up very fast and by the time I finished a 30 minute walk I was ready to take my jacket off.
I spent the rest of the beautiful morning outside cleaning out my hen houses. I wore a mask while I cleaned the dusty manure out of the houses as my throat already is swelled and yucky feeling and I sure don't need to breath in any more irritants. All cleaned by lunchtime.
Hubbie came home for lunch and to work in his wood pile while the primer dried on the youth room walls.
I started pulling out the Christmas decorations,although it felt funny putting up outside manger scenes and Christmas trees in my shirt sleeves.  The temperature got up to about 55 this afternoon and the sun was actually hot for a while,I guess this is what it feels like to get ready for Christmas in Florida.
I got most of my outside decorations up and got all the fall outside and inside decorations put away.
Hubbie finished what he was doing and went to pick up g-son from school so I could continue working.
I fixed g-son some mac and cheese and got him settled in as hubbie went back to church to paint the primed walls.
With g-son handing me things we got all the fall things into the attic. I need to clean things off all the shelves and tables to get ready for the inside decorating. G-son was happy as he got his talking wreath out and was looking for a place to hang it up when his dad came after him.
Today was nice to work outside in but it sure doesn't feel like the end of November. Tomorrow it is supposed to rain and I hope it does as things are really dry. My hands after working outside all day are hurting tonight they are so dry.
Hopefully we'll get this rain.
Hubbie got in tonight at 7:00 with the painting finally done. I already had all the chores done so tonight we both can rest a little before bedtime.
Thanking God for the wonderful day and for all the love He shows me each minute of every day.
Good Night and God Bless


Betsy Adams said...

HI, First time in a long long time that we are getting some rain... YEAH---we really need it... All of the latest storms have totally missed us.

It's getting warmer here also. I prefer colder weather this time of year. I am also decorating. Got some of my outside stuff up today --so I'm glad I got it up before the rains came.

Have a good Tuesday.

linda m said...

Today is my day to put out ll the Christmas decorations. We aren't getting any much needed rain here, just cold and dreary. God bless you.