Monday, November 12, 2012


Today is a day off for a lot of folks in observance of Veterans Day. Schools are closed so that gives daughter and g-son the day off and #1 son who works for the DOT is off along with #2 son who works for the post office, Hubbie is always off on Monday, so that makes everyone off except d-in-love. 
Hubbie left early to take his truck to Sam's Club to get a new battery and have his tires rotated. We have a business card and they open at 8am for business members. Only one problem with that, there was only one man working in the garage area before 10am ! So it still took almost 2 hours !
So much for getting s head start on the day ! He also filled all our gas cans for the generator this winter just in case we need it and got another bottle of propane for the grill and smoker. I guess we are ready for the winter storms now!
After chores I did a new Yoga video I found on e-bay. It made my back a little sore but it felt good to stretch like that.
Daughter came over after ball practice and brought her jeep for hubbie to change her oil. The rain looks like it may start at any time. As I looked out at the grey skies I noticed these Burning Bushes,living up to their name.
They will get redder than this but I was afraid to wait for a photo as the leaves blow off easily.
Daughter isn't feeling well at all, the cold she has had is dropping into her chest and she said her lungs hurt. I encouraged her to go to the doctor before she gets really sick.
#1 son and g-son came up for lunch of left over 7-layer salad and mac and cheese. G-son wanted to stay while his dad went to Lowes and to check out his deer stand. #1 son took him with him to his hunting blind last week and g-son did not like sitting quietly at all.
Daughter woke from a nap she took while hubbie worked on her car and went home.
I had called AT&T early this morning leaving a message for them to check my phone which has a loud humming sound. The recording said it would be fixed by Wednesday. I was really surprised when the repairman called early this afternoon and said he was on his way.
He was a really nice young man and found a short in the wire down on the road. It took him about 2 hours to find and fix it.
While he worked so did I, I sewed up 15 baby pillows and 1 little jean apron to reduce the stack of things I got cut out yesterday quite a bit.

I still have more jean aprons to make that are already cut out and more things to cut out.
How do I know when it is feeding time around here ????
Just look out the back door at that anticipating face !!!
The chickens enjoying the kale leaves.
As are we, we had some for supper and  it was delicious.
After chores,g-son and #1 son (in from another deerless hunting trip) helped us eat up all the left overs from yesterday before they went home.
Checked on daughter tonight,she is trying some different cold medicine. She said she didn't think the doctor would give her any meds anyway so she was going to stick it out a while longer.
The off and on light rain of the afternoon got heavier with the darkness as the cold front got closer to our area.
It  is 9:00 now and it has rained steadily all evening so far. We needed a good soaking for all the dry fallen leaves,thank you Lord !
It is still 58 degrees which will be the warmest temperature we have for the next week if the weathermen are right. When this cold front moves in it will stay for a while keeping highs in the daytime in the 40's and 50's and night time lows in the 20's and 30's.
Thanking God for a wonderful relaxing day and the joy of having g-son around to brighten the dreary day.
Good Night and God Bless.


linda m said...

I love the items you sew. We had snow flurries here yesterday late afternoon. God's blessings to you.

Betsy Adams said...

Hi Marilyn, Bet you got that cold front too... We had rain off and on yesterday ---and then it cleared off last night. Woke up to 28 degrees with a heavy frost (our first big one this year)... BUT--it was a gorgeous, although cold day!!!!!

Love your little jean aprons... Cute.. You are just so talented...

Our leaves are almost ALL down now...

Anonymous said...

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