Tuesday, November 20, 2012


G-son was here at 7am but was not feeling well at all, with a runny nose and a constant cough it was decided he wouldn't go to school today.  We gave him the choice if he felt like it, he first said no then he said he did want to go but after a sneezing fit  the final decision was no.
He didn't feel too bad to go with us to market as #1 son offered to get off work to take care of him but he wanted to go with hubbie and I.
He is big enough now to be a help and he isn't any trouble. He packed a bag of legos and some other toys and happily played all morning while hubbie and I sold Thanksgiving dessert orders.
We had a really busy day,thankfully. I still have several orders for tomorrow and one that got postponed from today to tomorrow.
Hubbie and g-son left after market to come home and rest while I went shopping for baking supplies and groceries for Thanksgiving dinner.  I made a stop at a thrift store to look for a Christmas sweater to wear with my hand crocheted skirt on Saturday for our Old Timey Christmas at market. I was lucky enough to catch the boutique rack on sale at 1/2 price and found a perfect match for my skirt.
I found a couple other things on sale and so I left with 2 Christmas sweaters from the boutique rack,plus another red sweater with the tags still on it and a jacket made from a local weaver.
I made it home about 4:30,hubbie and g-son helped me unload and then it was time for chores.
Today has been warm and sunny with 59 degrees and tonight only mid 30's for the low.
G-son ate a good supper and acted fine tonight although he was still coughing a lot. After he went home hubbie and I settled in for a night of rest and to watch a Carolina basketball game which they lost.   I am enjoying tonight as it is the first night in over a week that I haven't been in the kitchen either icing or baking cakes.
As I searched for decade pics back in 1992 I didn't find any human photos but I took pics of my chickens. I loved all the different types and sizes of chickens back then.

              I also had several different kinds of birds that year including these Ring-Necked Pheasants.
     An early bedtime will feel great tonight.
No school tomorrow means g-son will be spending the day with us, I hope he is feeling better so he cane enjoy this nice weather for a few more days.
Grateful to God for His blessings and I am so thankful for all He has done for me and my family.
Good Night and God Bless.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

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linda m said...

I ma happy your market day went to well and that you got some time off to just sit and relax. Love the pictures of your birds. God's blessings to you.