Friday, November 2, 2012


I snapped this picture of the sunrise as I took g-son to school this morning knowing that this will be the last time for a while the sun won't be up over this mountain as I pass. With daylight savings time ending this weekend the sun will be higher in the sky next week.
I spent the morning after chores catching up some things from the last couple days. We had just dropped all the trunk or treat decorations on a bench inside the door as we came in Wednesday night and they needed to be out away along with a floor full of toys g-son drug out Monday when he was out of school. I vacuumed the floors before I started baking cakes. I baked 6 caramel,3 coconut ,1 chocolate,2 pound and 1 wine cake. I got finished about 1:00. I had planned to go berry picking again this afternoon but found my tired body just not willing to get up and go.  All I really wanted to do was lay down and take a nap but I knew better as that would have ruined my nights sleep.
Instead I pushed myself into icing 12 caramel cakes this afternoon in anticipation of an early bedtime.
I love my anniversary cactus the kids got me several years ago when it blooms.
But it sure doesn't match the orange and yellow fall decorations I have around it.
It always blooms shortly after I bring it inside for the winter. Hot pink just doesn't seem to fit in to fall ,Thanksgiving or Christmas decorations but I still love it.
These two have lazed around right here all afternoon, I wonder if they know how lucky they are ???
After #2 son got off work he came by and we loaded his jeep and my van with some of his things out of the basement and made another trip up to his new house. He had gotten all the boxes emptied from last night and done quite a bit of cleaning before he went to bed last night.
He and hubbie changed the lock on the front door because the renters the bank had in there only returned one key. Since there was a man and a woman and 2 daughters, one of which was 18 or 19 we know they had more keys.
Hubbie and I made it back home around 8:30 and I iced my chocolate  and coconut cakes before we watched "Gold Rush" on TV and headed for bed.
Thanking God for the blessings of the day and for His everlasting love for each of us and still praying for the folks in the northeast in their clean up efforts.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy Adams said...

That is smart of your son to change the locks on the house... I'm so happy for him.. I'm sure he will be thrilled when he gets everything all fixed up!!!!!

I said this last year and didn't do it... I need to re-pot my Christmas Cactus since it quit blooming last year... BUT--I never did do it... SO--I guess I'll go through another year of no blooms... Mine used to bloom between Thanksgiving and Christmas --which was a perfect time. Oh Well.