Tuesday, November 13, 2012


UHHHH !!!!  Not a good way to start the day !!!
Just before I was about to tell g-son to brush his teeth and get ready to go, I heard the scanner go off with an auto accident on the road to his school. I ask him to hurry and thankfully he didn't argue.
As we made it over to the stop sign to enter highway 64, the traffic was already backed up and stopped. I told him he might be a little late but we were going a different route and come in the back way to his school,rather than sit in the line of traffic.
I knew there could be an easy detour for traffic but it only takes one person who is unfamiliar with the area or is just curious and wants to sit and wait to see what has happened to really create a traffic nightmare.
I had to walk him in as we couldn't get to the car rider line from this direction. I told the teachers what was going on and that they should expect some late kids. G-son made it on time as the bell rang as I walked down the hall leaving his classroom.
I probably looked a fright as I had only ran a brush through my hair and didn't even take time to put any cream on my face, forget make-up.  At least I was dressed unlike some who drop their kids of wearing PJs.
As I left the school I went out the regular way and saw they indeed had highway 64 completely closed and were now directing traffic onto the detour road. I saw 4 ambulances and a host of police and firemen around the accident scene. Praying that no one was injured badly.
My cellphone lit up as soon as word got out there had been an accident in the vicinity but they were all relieved to hear g-son was safely at school and I was on my way home.
A late start got even later with the extra chore I had planned for this morning. As I let my Silky chickens out of their warm house I caught and put orange bands on the legs of the 5 newest ones to signify that they were this years hatch. I also caught all the previously banded ones and made sure the bands on their legs were loose.
By the time I got inside and had breakfast it was almost 10:00.  After I started a load of laundry I did a weight lifting video and took a walk outside to relax in the cool fresh air.  The sun is shining brightly this morning after the overnight rain. There was 1/2" in the rain gauge this morning, enough to put the fire danger at bay for a few days at least.
I did housework amid 3 loads of laundry before lunch. I finally had time to get out my Thanksgiving decorations which are usually just added to the fall ones.
My tables look ready for the turkey on Thanksgiving !

I love Thanksgiving and hate to see it lost in the Christmas rush.  We are ordering a smoked turkey this year from d-in-love's dad. He closes his restaurant on that day but sells smoked turkeys to be picked up that morning. Looks like the whole family will be here this year as d-in-love's mom is having her knee surgery the day before Thanksgiving so they won't be traveling to her family in Tenn.
I'm sure she will just want to rest.
After picking g-son up I came home to fix him his regular mac and cheese after school snack.
The fluttering birds in the back yard let me know that they were out of seed in the feeders. As soon as I refilled them all the birds swarmed back in. It's funny how they come from all around as soon as the feeders get filled,like they had a sense of what I am doing.
I did chores and I noticed the icy feel to the air this evening,it is supposed to get into the upper 20's after today being only in the low 50's, so I gleaned the remaining few pepper plants and gave the green plants to the hens who appreciate anything green right now.
Last week we did have a couple light frost but the garden is on top of the hill and the peppers survived.
I came inside and strung the chayenne peppers that had been drying in the sunroom and put the newly gathered ones in their drying spot.
I have strings of these peppers hanging all around the kitchen right now. The extra ones will be sold at market.
There were a few jalopenos for hubbie to can another jar of pickles.
And even some bell peppers for salads.
These are the last summer vegetables from our garden, it is late to be gleaning anything but winter veges so I am thankful for the long season this year.  Hubbie also picked a mess of our yummy kale for supper tonight. It has such good flavor I didn't even put vinegar on mine.
Tonight I rested as this will be the last night for a while that I won't be baking or icing cakes for my Thanksgiving orders. The phone has rung all day with orders,even starting this Thursday, I'm surely not complaining. So far I have 7 cake orders for Thursday, 4 for this Saturday, 20 for next Tuesday and 14 for the Saturday after Thanksgiving plus anything that I have on my table for sale on those days to folks who haven't called in an order.
Haven't heard anything on any news channels about the accident this morning so that leads me to believe there wasn't any serious injuries.
 Grateful to God for the strength He gives me and the business He leads my way.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

Boy, it never fails, a detour just when a person is running late because of an accident. Glad you made it there in time. God's blessings.