Wednesday, November 7, 2012


After taking g-son to school I came home to a ringing phone. I talked to a neighbor who's brother-in-law is a tile layer. Then I talked to the tile man about #2 son's tiled shower that isn't sealed. He is going up to his house tomorrow morning to give him an estimate on fixing the shower.
After all the phone calls I got around to the chores and breakfast. I'm not feeling supper this morning as late last night I started feeling really sick suddenly and began sweating profusely. After I got into bed I was okay,thankfully but my neck still hurt from the bee sting. I think this is the longest a sting has ever bothered me, maybe it's because it was in such a tender spot or maybe the bees are just more poison this time of year. Anyway I'm ready to be over this !!!
Well we have a new president this morning,or maybe not new but 4 more years of the same one we had. Barack Obama was re-elected by popular and electorial votes getting 60,193,076 for 50.4% to Romneys 57,468,587 for 48.1% of the popular vote.

Other things that were voted in are now 2 states legalized marijuana  and 2 other states approved gay marriage.
This country is definitely going down the wrong road !!!

May God be with us and may people realize who really is in charge !!
I baked 12 caramel ,1 chocolate, 1 pound and 1 wine cake today then dusted the house. I also bagged the last of my frozen berries I picked last week and put away the after Halloween sale candy I bought for next year.  I watered all the plants that now have winter spots on the inside. I need to remember to buy some more water catchers to put under some of the pots as well as a couple stands so I can get then off the floor.
Time to pick up g-son from school comes quickly some days and I stayed so busy today I couldn't believe it was already 3:00.
After he ate mac and cheese and french toast bits he went outside with me to do the chores. It has been another rainy damp day with another 1/4" of rain and a high temperature that barely reached 40.
I came back inside but g-son who didn't think it was that cold stayed outside to play for a while.
He kept peeking in the door to see where I was .
He found the bubbles left over from summer.
And yes I'm still waiting on a dry day to take in my Halloween decorations outside.

He finally decided it was "kind a cool" out there and rang the doorbell !!
He thought it was hilarious when the bell rang and all the dogs started barking.

After his dad picked him up I did weekly paperwork,payed bills and caught up October month end figures. They were about the same as the last couple years so I'll take this and be very thankful.
After putting the animals to bed in their warm places I came inside to eat supper and ice cakes.
We are supposed to have a below freezing temperature tonight for the first time. Guess we'll see if they are going to be right this time about that.
I'm extra tired tonight so I'm off to get a hot bath and a good nights sleep.
Praying for God's grace for our country and thanking Him for His assurance in the hearts of His children.
Good Night and God Bless.


linda m said...

Both my hubby and I are very sad about the election results. you are so right to remind us that no matter what God is still in charge and He will never forsake us if we just trust in Him. Your g-son is so cute! God bless you.

Gail said...

I think they counted wrong.