Monday, November 5, 2012


Monday morning comes way too soon again !!!  Where did the weekend go ???
Hubbie took g-son to school while I did chores. We had breakfast and hubbie went outside to catch up some small jobs before he headed up to #2 son's to help him for the rest of the day.
I did dome exercise and took a walk in the nice warm sunshine. I can't believe this rose is still blooming and it is the 5th day of November !! We have had no frost yet !!
Snowball was enjoying the warm sunshine this morning also as she watched me walk by the pasture.

 After hubbie left I went to the vet's office for refills on all the dogs heartworm meds and to Ace hardware to pick up my Edenpure heater that has been repaired.
The heater repairman said it looked like my heater had been hit with a direct bolt of lightening instead of just a power blink.
These heating bulbs and the thermostat were really fried.

The repairman asked me the other day why I wasn't using a surge protector, I told him because the owners manual said in big black letters ,DO NOT USE SURGE PROTECTOR, he had never heard that so today when I went back to pick it up he said he read that in the book but could not think of any reason not to use a surge protector. So I am buying a really heavy duty surge protector and hopefully this will be the last time a power outage cost me a $140 repair bill on this heater !!!
I took lunch up to hubbie and son and helped them drag some brush out of the back yard until I got bee stung on the back of my neck,youch , that really hurt.
We saw all the bees buzzing around the trees we were cutting but they didn't seem threatening. I guess one of them decided to take a rest from buzzing around on the collar of my jacket and when I raised my head he used his protective device !!
We met a couple of son's neighbors and they seemed like really nice folks so I think he has picked a good friendly neighborhood.
I went to pick up g-son at school, we came home and he ate like he was starved. He isn't eating much lunch at all and his mom and dad have tried several different things that he normally likes,even mac and cheese, which he always ask for when we get home, but nothing seems to intice him to eat his lunch.
He had a substitute teacher today and he evidently talked when he wasn't supposed to, although he said everyone else was doing the talking and he got punished along with them !!??
At least he wasn't upset about getting the yellow mark today. I think he is getting immune to the meaning of the marks,which is good and bad. It is bad because the teachers are loosing a tool for correction, but some of the things he gets yellow for are nothing and should be handled and corrected by the teacher on the spot and forgotten because after all these kids have got to learn good behavior as they are only starting out. When  a yellow sticker is sent home to mom and dad at the end of the day for some piddly thing that happened this morning the kids don't even remember what is was all about. It does no good to punish if the kids don't know why they are being punished !!
After he went home I did evening chores early,or maybe not early since 4:00 is what used to be 5:00 !
Hubbie rode down the drive with d-in-love because as she came in there was a group of kids blocking our drive. He had to ask one of them to move their car and let her out. There was one of the about 10 cars down there that had a flat tire. All the other cars and people we're not sure what they were doing. They were laughing and yelling and running back and forth across the road impeding traffic.
I felt sorry for #2 son's renter as she had to take her dogs around the pasture away from all the noise to stop them from barking. Of course I'm sure after she stayed back there for 30 minutes she thought they would all be gone when she came back,not so !!
Shortly a deputy came by and all of the cars left except about 4.
#1 son called and said they were there earlier at 4:00 when he left and he asked them not to block the driveway. Hubbie asked them a second time not to block the driveway. Evidently they didn't understand what that meant because each time someone needed in or out they had to wait for them to unblock the drive in a very dangerous spot in the road. They stayed down there until 7:00 .Why do some people have so little respect for other people and their property. I am just thankful to God tonight that no one got ran over in the road or no accident was caused by all this commotion.
My neck is still hurting tonight from the bee sting. It feels like a nerve is pinched in the back of my neck and is burning.
 May God bless all His children tonight and may they feel the love that only He can give.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy Adams said...

Hi Marilyn, Sorry about the bee sting... Hope you feel better tomorrow.

That is weird about all of those cars/people blocking the driveway.. Did anyone ever find out what they were doing there---except the one car with a flat tire????? Weird!

Sorry about your Edenpure heater... Yes---I'd get a surge protector!!!! AND--I'd let Edenpure know what happened so that they can change their manuals.

A week or two ago, we thought we were going to lose our roses for this Fall. However, even though we have had some cold weather, we haven't had any frost yet here.... SO--we still have some roses blooming here also... Crazy!!!

Planted Pansies today--about 144.... Hope they do well during the winter/spring. They usually last until about July when it gets really hot.


Gail said...

We have an Iris blooming along with the roses. makes you wonder where the weather is headed.

Sadly some people do not even know how to spell respect much less demonstrate it.

linda m said...

I can't believe you still have a rose blooming. Here in WI we have had a lot of frost lately. What was up with those weird people blocking your driveway! I feel for your grandson - I was a talker in school and I was always the one that got caught and punished and no one else who was talking ever got caught. :(
God's blessings to you.

Anonymous said...

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