Friday, November 9, 2012


We finally got our first frosty morning of the season today. There was ice on my windshield to be scraped and even after I dropped g-son at school and came home the frost still lingered in the shady areas of the pastures.

I did chores and after my breakfast and devotions I did a weight lifting tape,boy I was sweating with this one !!
I went outside in the cool morning air to cool down and take a walk.
The neighbor added 3 of these guys to his pasture last week. Donkeys are natural protection from coyotes and many other predators of baby calves.

We have been over run with coyotes lately. We hear them at night and it sounds like there are many of them running through the pastures.
One look at these trees would quickly tell you the winter is not far away as they stand naked and gray waiting for the cold winds and snow.

I tried out my new sweeper for my laminate floors this morning and loved it. #2 son's realtor suggested this to him and I figured I would try one out for myself.
This is called Bona and it works really well and the best thing is the cleaning pad is washable !!
And you can mix your own cleaner and refill the spray bottle which is great.
After all the floors were vacuumed and cleaned I ate lunch before starting my baking.
I baked 4 regular caramel and 2 large sheet cakes to be iced with caramel icing for an elderly ladies birthday party tomorrow.
I also made a peach wine cake to go along with the regular blackberry wine as several folks have been asking for the peach flavored wine cakes.
While the last ones were in the ovens I started taking down all my outside Halloween decorations. I got everything put away in the garden shed for another year. They were kind of wasted this year as we weren't here on Halloween night to host trick or treaters anyway.
I had a few minutes this afternoon before it was time to pick up g-son to soak up a dose of vitamin D on this 61 degree sunshiny day.
As I left the school after picking him up I didn't feel so bad about waiting until today to take my Halloween down as the house across from the school still has jack o lanterns sitting all over their porch !
We  stopped by the Dollar General store on the way home for some swiffer duster refills and I found a nice fall rug on sale. I was hoping to find some water catchers to go under my pots but their isles are already filled with so much Christmas stuff they have had to put everything else away.
We came home and g-son sat on the porch and had an ice cream push-up in the nice weather.
He wanted to show me all his weeks work with all the check marks and check plus marks he received,he was so proud.
His mom picked him up today and after they left I did evening chores and had supper before icing caramel cakes.
The NC Tarheels played their first basketball game tonight against one of the smaller NC schools and they looked pretty good even with all the new players.
Thanking God for the wonderful day and for all the blessings.
Good Night and God Bless.

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