Thursday, November 1, 2012


Thanks to Hubbie taking today off to help #2 son get some things moved into his house and pick up the new furniture he bought I got to sleep an extra hour while he got g-son ready and took him to school.
I did chores and then headed to market. #2 son met us there and left his jeep there while they went o pick up furniture and then they got one his bed hauled over from daughter's before he had to meet the realtor to go to his closing.
I had a decent day at market although there were few customers the ones that did come bought something.
I ran regular errands and picked up baking supplies on the way home. I made an extra stop in the Dollar Tree to get some more things for my Operation Christmas Child boxes.
Hubbie was here blowing leaves from the ditches along the driveway and we had just gotten unloaded when #2 son called saying everything went fine and he was officially ready to move in.
We did chores a little early and headed over to daughter's to help him move. We loaded his jeep, my van and hubbie's truck with all the things he has over there and headed up to his house.
He had to call #1 son to come up and help get the large couch he bought inside as him and hubbie couldn't get it in by themselves earlier today.
With a lot of muscle they finally got it inside.  He has more things in our basement to move and has more shopping to do but for now he is there and can work  on things as he gets to them.
These are some pictures I took of the inside before he gets it cleaned up and gets his furniture in place. This one is looking up to the upstairs balcony.
This is the living room with this huge rock fireplace.
The downstairs bathroom is huge.
This is the upstairs bedroom which will be where he sleeps when he gets a new bed with a low or no headboard so he doesn't block the view out his windows.
The sun was setting when I was making pics and this is from one of these upstairs bedroom windows.
I don't blame him for not wanting to block them with a headboard !!!
He is very excited with his new house. There is a lot of little things to work on as he gets settled in but he is off next week and hopes to get all the loose ends taken care of.
I have a feeling he will have a good ,satisfied first night in the new house sleep tonight.
Hubbie and I came home about 8:30 got our dogs in for another cold night and hubbie hit the bed while I filled pans with raspberries and blackberries to freeze and caught up my blog.
I have sincerely thanked the Lord tonight for making it possible for son to get this particular house because this son rarely shows emotion or excitement and today and tonight I have seen him as excited as I have ever seen him. All the time he was looking at houses I prayed that God would help him find the right one and I am so thankful that God listens to my prayer request and takes care of things in His own timing.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy Adams said...

Gorgeous home, Marilyn. I'd love that one!!!!! I am so happy for your son. He worked hard to find that 'perfect' home for him...

Working on leaves in our yard again today!!!

linda m said...

i am so happy that #2 son finally got his house.From the pictures it looks gorgeous. I have been praying for him and God answered our prayers.