Friday, November 16, 2012


Jack Frost did his job of covering everything with lace and pearls overnight again !!!

After chores I warmed up my muscles for my weight lifting video by cleaning all my floors !
Then I took a walk in the nice crisp morning air.  My legs are already tired and I have a long day ahead so I cut my walk short and had an early lunch.
I baked 12 caramel,3 coconut and 2 pound cakes after lunch. While the last ones were in in the oven I took a nice relaxing vitamin D break out in the 59 degree sunshine of the afternoon.
The birds were flitting all around the feeders while I rested out there and the air always feels so clean this time of year. I could have sat out there the rest of the afternoon and just breathed in the freshness and listened to the birds twitter but the timer sounded on my ovens bringing me back to reality .
I  figured up all my orders and made a list of supplies I need,wow !!  Between now and next Tuesday I need to make about  100 layers for caramel,coconut and chocolate cakes along with several pound cakes.
I finished icing 12 caramel and 3 coconut layer cakes tonight about 10:00.
Loving life and striving to glorify my Lord in all that I do.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy Adams said...

Dang it... If I lived near you, I'd order one of the Caramel Cakes also!!!!! Bet they are delicious.. What is your favorite cake which you make??? (Maybe, since you make so many, you don't even eat cakes much!!!!! ha)

We only had frost that one morning. Since then, nothing here. It's been cold --but no frost.

We worked on the yard this week--and have almost all of it finished (getting the leaves up)...


linda m said...

We've had a couple of beautiful frosty mornings. If I lived closer I would definitely buy one of those carmel cakes. Blessings to you.