Monday, March 25, 2013


BRRR,this wind will blow you over ! We just have a few snow flurries around here but the mountain tops are invisible through the falling,blowing snow.
These are today's weather maps, all I can say is "where's spring" ?
We are getting very close to the end of the alphabet for winter storm names this year. This storm is Virgil. This is the first year ever that winter storms have had names so I wonder how many would be named storms we have had in years past to compare the 22 names so far this year with.
The 22nd storm of this very stormy fall/winter/spring season that started back the first week of November 2012 with a storm named Athena which dropped 13" of snow on the New England states. After that the storms lined up and continued to pound the country with snow and ice. This is a list and a little info on each one.
After Athena came Brutus on November 8-11,2012 dropping up to 14" of snow in the northern rockies and plains states.
Ceasar on December 8-10 with 17" snow in northern plains and mid-west states
Draco on Dec. 17-21 ,2012  with 15" snow and flooding rains all across northern US
Euclid on Dec. 23-28,2012  with up to 27" snow in areas of Texas,Nevada and Arkansas
Freyer on Dec. 28-30,2012  with up to 20" snow in the Ohio valley to the northeast states
To start off 2013  we had Grandolf come in on January 10-12 dropping up to 23" snow in areas of Idaho,Montana and North Dakota
Helen on January 15-16 with only 6" of snow but major icing from regions in the South to New England
Iaga on January 17-18 started in the deep south dropping 6" of snow in Mississippi and more as it headed north ending with 15" in West Virginia
Jove on January 21-22 was a major ice storm for New England topped with 5" of snow
Khan on January 25-26 started in Wisconsin,dived south into Georgia and the Carolinas coating everything with a thick layer of ice and up to 6" of snow
Luna on January 27-28 delivered an icy mess to Iowa,Minnesota and the Northeast
January ended with winter storm Magnus on the 29-30th charging through the plain states and the midwest delivering 14" of snow and destructive tornadoes in the southern areas of it's path
February started off with the most potent storm of this season so far. It was named Nemo and from February 8-10 it dropped a whopping 40" of snow on some parts of the northeast.
Orko followed on February 10-11 in the northern plains states dropping 18" of snow there.
Plato on February 18-20 delivered a punch to the Carolinas and Virginia with up to 12" of snow and at least 5" as far south as Charleston,SC
Storm Q on February 19-24 started in California,crossed Nebraska,Iowa dropping snow along the way and hit Nashville, Tenn. with 18" before it weakened.
Rocky on February 24-26 was a deadly storm with very high winds and up to 34" of white-out snow
causing 6 deaths in the central and southern plains.
Saturn started March off on the 3-10th with a trek all across the country stating in the Rockies and ending in New England dipping into the midwest and Virginia dropping 29" of snow in places
Triton came in on March 8-11th,starting in Southern California delivering up to 26" of snow across the upper midwest and central plains states.
Ukko on March 17-20 dropped 16" of snow from Minnesota to Pennsylvania
And of course on this date we are dealing with Virgil which began yesterday and already has dropped more than 19" of snow in parts of Colorado and Kansas as it makes it's way east the northern mountains of NC are expecting up to 9" and even our area in the southern mountains could see some snow accumulations from Virgil overnight tonight.
Wow, what a winter !! And it doesn't appear to be over in the near future !! Oh and we only have 4 more letters in the alphabet !!
As I went out to pick up g-son this afternoon the wind was still whipping the cold air around making it very uncomfortable outside.
After chores it was nice to snuggle down with my 4-legged kids for the evening and relax.
I took this picture as a snow shower came just as the sun came out from behind the clouds.

Praying tonight for all the folks who have to be outside working tonight,may the be safe and warm.
Good Night and God Bless.


linda eller said...

I have always been a winter, cold weather, snow person but this year I am so looking forward to sunshine and warmth for some reason. Maybe all those winter storms is why I feel that way. Surely it cant be much longer.

linda m said...

It is a good question as to why the National Weather Service has decided to name Winter storms. I for one will be very glad when all this winter weather is gone and more spring like temperatures start to appear. I have been very "house bound" this winter due to bad weather and now I want to be outside again. God's Blessings to you.

Gail said...

I guess they are naming them so they have someone to blame.

Stay warm.