Monday, March 18, 2013


Got up early to get chores done and be ready to go to the doctor to have blood drawn in advance of my physical. Hubbie took g-son to school and when we got back we headed over to Asheville.
The rain is light thankfully as we travel but the temperature is in the upper 30's.
Had a new lab tech draw my blood and she was very good, don't have much of a bruise at all.
We left and stopped by the bank and P.O. in Fletcher on the way home. Today isn't much of an outing day with the cold drizzle so it was nice to get back to the warm house.
Hubbie built a fire in the wood stove as soon as we got back. After the 70+ temps this weekend this 30+ temperature drop hurts.
I worked inside changing the corner shelf in the computer corner of the living room to the smaller one I brought from #2 son's house last week.
Speaking of #2 son, his house hit the market today. These are some of the pictures from the MLS.

My favorite part is this huge rock fireplace.
This is such a beautiful house I wish it was closer to his work.
Hopefully he will sell it and be able to move forward with his next venture.  The bank accepted his offer on the vacant lot, but the bank wanted a mid May closing date.

After we picked up g-son from school we started our once every three year adventure of getting Annie her rabies shot. She does not like riding at all and hates going to the vet as all dogs seem to and she is big enough to put up quite a fight.
I put a harness on her instead of her regular collar that she slipped out of on her last trip for a rabies shot.

Since the weather was so nasty we put her in a large crate in the back of the van and had the doc come out and give her the shot in the parking lot. Which he was glad to do as he remembered her escape last time. We all made it there and back with no problems,she didn't even get sick,thankfully.
Whew!! Safe for three more years !!
The rain got harder as the evening wore on, I poured 1/2" out of the gauge at chore time and the hardest rain hadn't gotten here yet. It has actually warmed up a bit to 42 at 10:00 tonight.
In the news of the day is this fire in Pigeon Forge,TN. that has burned over 200acres plus 55 vacation cabins ,and damaged several more before they got it contained with the help of today's rain.
Still praying tonight for the family of my friend that was killed Saturday.
Praising God for all the undeserved blessings of my day.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy Adams said...

Yes---I've been reading about the Pigeon Forge fire all day long. So sad to see the beautiful cabins destroyed. Some of them looked like your son's house for sale. Hope he sells it quickly... I would love living there...

It rained here ALL DAY LONG... We had thunderstorms but nothing severe here. They had a couple of tornadoes not far from Nashville.

I have never seen Annie before. Is she your dog? Didn't know you had a big one like that.


linda eller said...

Did you get hit with those hail/thunderstorms last night? It came and left pretty quick, but it was rough for a spell. Glad your doggie got his shot without trouble. Hope your Tuesday is a good one.

linda m said...

Your son's house is gorgeous. Hope it sells quickly. So sad about the fire and the loss of all those cabins and homes. Blessings