Sunday, March 17, 2013


St. Patrick's Day 2013 started out sunny and very warm, 68 degrees already on our way home from church.
Church was good today,we had a guest speaker and the children led the songs and did a great job.
This is the first through sixth graders choir group.
At lunch everyone came and greatly enjoyed our smoked boston butts from yesterday. They were better this time than the first time we did it and I'm sure we will get better each time we do it.
After lunch we all scattered to our own Sunday afternoon activities. After hubbie and I watched the UNC/ Miami ACC tournament finals which UNC lost but it was a very good game and he finished watching his race we headed for Sam's Club. We are out of a bunch of stuff and have been adding to the list each day.
We had our rebate check from there so it was fun to shop and not have to pay and we even got quite a bit of change back.
The temperature has been a balmy 72 degrees but the wind is blowing and in early afternoon the clouds began to take over the sun.
It is supposed to rain tonight and tomorrow, then cool off for the remainder of the week and yes that is snowflakes for next weekend,just in time for the beginning of spring.
 After chores this evening I tried moving the little red silkie again after she went wild yesterday and I guess she got the message because she settled right down on the eggs I gave her in the brooder box.
One of the little black silkies was sitting on the nest in the house this evening so if she continues I will put her in another brooder box and hope that no one else gets the idea of sitting for a while.
I sat out in the sunroom for a while and watched darkness come this evening,it felt so good to relax in the warmth of the evening.

Still praying tonight for the family of the friend you died yesterday and asking God for His wonderful
love which surrounds all His children.
This has been a good St. Patrick's Day and I'll leave you with this blessing tonight.

Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy Adams said...

Hi There, Sounds like you and the family had a great St. Patrick's Day. It's nice to have the family all together for dinner after church on Sundays....

We had a wonderful spring-like weekend here --but like you, we're going to get cold again this week. Guess winter is not finished with us yet.


linda eller said...

I love the times when all the family gathers...most of the time now, except for holidays, it is for food!!! Hope your week is a good one, and maybe old man snow will stay away and we can enjoy spring.

linda m said...

Happy belated St. Patrick's Day to you. Always nice to have family together. We are expecting snow today. Blessings.