Sunday, March 24, 2013


Today was the rainy morning delayed from yesterday I guess. As I slogged through chores I felt for the animals who looked as if they could just stay in their cozy houses all day. Sadie the dog has an electric heated pad in her house to lay on and she did go back in there and lay down with her back to the door as if to say "don't bother me again" !
I got ready and headed to church,today was sad because  the younger children did their Easter songs and g-son was too sick to come.  They did a good job .
Today was the Easter chorus program and they did a very good job.
Today is Palm Sunday, the beginning of Holy Week and that fateful journey that Jesus took that led up to the miraculous resurrection of our Wonderful Savior.

We put on a crock pot full of chilli this morning so all we had to do after service was bake a cake of cornbread. Daughter and #2 son were our only guest today as #1 son's family went to d-in-love's parents for lunch.
After they left hubbie and I watched some March madness,UNC lost to Kansas for the second year in a row.
I reviewed my finished blog book and got it downloaded,now I'm waiting and hoping for a coupon like Blurb usually sends before I order it.
I also started deleting some of the photo files that I don't want to keep to clear up some more space.
It has been a rainy, dreary, cool day with temps only reaching the low 40's. I poured 1" of rain from the gauge at chore time and we are expecting more than that tonight from the cold front that is coming through to drop the temperature and turn the rain to snow and sleet by morning.
The higher elevations around could see up to 9" of snow !
Again we go to bed wondering what we will wake up to in the morning !!
Humbly thanking God for the wondering gift of His son to save all mankind from their sins as Holly Week begins that fateful journey today.

Good Night and God Bless.

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linda eller said...

Any time the children sing at church blesses my heart. Hope your weather improves instead of getting worse. We have high winds and rain and no snow as yet. Maybe it will go away and we can truly enjoy spring, later in the week. Hope your grandson feels much better soon.