Thursday, March 28, 2013


Got to sleep in again today as #1 son has had to work nights this week to patch low places on the interstate and has got home just in time to take g-son to school the last couple mornings. Never knowing what time he would be home I still set my alarm but had no trouble getting back to sleep when I realized he wasn't coming. Son's night work is over and he is glad because these cold nights have not been fun to work outside in. They have to do this work on the interstate at night when there is less traffic for closing one lane. I thank the Lord that all of the workers got through this without accidents.
After morning chores I headed out to town to run errands and shop for baking supplies. I also delivered an Avon order.  I am jumping back into more baking all at once with  Easter weekend usually a busy one and then back to Thursday and Saturday market days next week.
I stopped on the way home at Chick-fil-la to pick up a late lunch salad.
After unloading and getting things put away I sat out in the sunroom for a leisure lunch time and watched the birds glean the last of the seeds from the feeders.
I refilled the bird feeders this afternoon and took time to soak up some of the warm 57 degree sunshine.
When the cool late afternoon air started I moved into my sewing shop and cut out some more sewing projects. My back made it through 5 towel aprons, 2 kid's kitchen aprons and 5 little boy's tool aprons before that familiar painful catch between my shoulders sent me into the house for a break on the heating pad to relieve it. The heat releases to muscle spasm and before chore time I felt much better.
The weather looks a little more like spring for the next week although still a bit cooler than normal at least there is no snow or 20 degree temps.
This Maundy Thursday for me has been a good day to reflect on Christ's love for me and all His children. This day of the last supper where Jesus washed the feet of his disciples to show His love and humble service to them was one of the most touching days of Holy Week.
Prayerfully and humbly thankful tonight for the love of God and of His son Jesus Christ.
Good Night and God Bless.


linda eller said...

Good Friday is also a special day in the week preceding Easter. These times give us thought for what He did for us, and always amazes me that He loved me that much. Have a good Good Friday.

linda m said...

This Easter season has helped me reflect on Christ's love for me. May you have a very Blessed weekend.