Friday, March 1, 2013


I can always tell when Friday rolls around with g-son as he is dragging by the end of the week.
I can't say that I blame him, usually I'm in the same boat.
After chores I exercised and started to take a walk outside but cut it short in the very cold,low 30's, cloudy day.
I baked 6 caramel,2 chocolate and 2 pound cakes before lunch.
One way to tell that spring is getting close is my sunroom table takes on new duties with these potted blueberry bushes that hubbie bought last week.

Had a little excitement around here just after lunchtime today as this white truck somehow managed to roll over into the field across the road without hitting anything.The top ,the windshield and the tool box were the only parts damaged in the roll-over.
Evidently no one got hurt as I watched out the living room window it looked like this ambulance left empty.
Ford motor company should have been here for a commercial for the tough ford trucks as a man drove this truck off.
Later #1 son came home and said it looked like the truck clipped the pole with the red tape on it and flipped. Just glad no one got hurt. Hopefully this time next year the road will be straightened and there won't be these accidents.
A call from a friend saying someone was looking through our mailbox later in the afternoon sent me down to check the mail. We had only some junk mail in there so I don't know what a lady who was leaning against our mailboxes reading a paper  was doing when the friend passed by.He said when he turned around and came back by she was walking on out the road.
I spent the afternoon working on my next blog book. I haven't had much time to work on it with everything else going on.
Daughter was involved in a special day with the governor of N.C. Pat McCrory, coming to her elementary school this morning. This is daughter's friend and the principal at the school walking with the governor and the school superintendent. Daughter says she was somewhere in the crowd that was following them.

The most special happening of the day was for #2 son as he turns the "BIG 30" today !!!
This boy has always been a smiling ,happy guy and is one of the most patient even tempered people I have ever known. Wow has it really been 30 years ????

I called him tonight to wish him a happy birthday and he had just gotten home from work at 8:30. He said there was a lot of workers at the post office out sick today. Hope he doesn't catch what ever everyone else has,maybe they just have Fridayitis !!

I iced my cakes ,washed my eggs and blogged. I am listening to the weatherman say now it is going to snow here tonight and tomorrow.
Thanking God for the blessing of my kids tonight. Praying for their safety and happiness as they go through life.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda eller said...

Happy Birthday to your son. Is he your youngest? My son will be 40 in May and he is my youngest. Strange about the pickup truck and also the woman at your mailbox. Hope you have a good weekend. Stay safe and warm if the snow comes.