Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Well the snow was harder this morning than it has been any of these past several days when everyone north of us has gotten their share of the white stuff. We got a good dusting before it was over in the late morning today.
Unfortunately the snow left but the cold temps are still here with highs only in the low 40's today.
After a morning of chores and house cleaning I took some time to enjoy my afternoon by watching my feathered friends in the back yard.
Cardinals are always around the feeders
This Grackle looks evil with those yellow eyes.
This is the first time I have seen a Brown Headed Cowbird this year.
This Mockingbird is giving me the eye with his little mask on.
Mr. Red-winged Blackbird joined the Doves cleaning up the spilled seed off the ground.

I took a walk around to check out the blooms after the cold weather.
these pretty Daffodils are still blooming.
Along with these Wood Hyacinths the Dandelions are still bravely showing off their spring blossoms.

As I walked in the bright sunshine all the animals were trying to soak up the rays.

I took time to pulled up a bunch of Kale for the hens and they sure looked appreciative.
After picking up g-son from school,I got him settled in and went to my sewing machine determined to finish the stack of cut out aprons I had.
These 5 full aprons are done and ready to take to market. I also repaired a skirt I had in the stack.
With my cut-out stack gone now I will have to take some time in my outside sewing shop when the weather warms enough and get another cut-out stack made.
When hubbie came in from work he stayed with g-son while I went to Ingles and picked up the deli tray I ordered yesterday for the baby shower gathering tonight at church. Six young ladies in our church are pregnant at the same time so we decided to have a mass shower for all of them at once. Unfortunately only 5 made it there as this big full moon induced the delivery of one of the babies yesterday.
I thought Ingles did a great job on the tray.Love the bell pepper bowl in the center.
Hubbie and I watched Survivor tonight and then he went to bed and I went to my office to do weekly paperwork and pay bills.
According to the weather wizards our snowy winter weather is over and we should start a warming trend tomorrow after about 25 degrees overnight tonight.
Thanking God for a blessed day and for  the sacrifice He made for our sins.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy Adams said...

Guess what???? We had SUNSHINE today... YEAH!!!! It was cold --but that sun was wonderful, so I didn't complain... I even took a short walk...

TWO new birds at my feeders today: 1. Red Crossbill--I had never ever seen one. Got so excited!!!; and 2. Purple Finch--We have House Finches but the Purple Finches have alot more raspberry color on them... There were 3 of them, and I've never seen them here before either... BIG day for me and my birds.

Lots of babies being born at in your church now... Future church leaders, huh????

Have a great Thursday.

linda eller said...

We enjoy bird watching too, and I need to get my feeders up and going, especially my hummingbird feeders. They are our favs.

linda m said...

My bird feeders have been up all winter. Since the grackles, starlings and red winged blackbirds have returned my feeders have been emptying a lot faster. Snow still on the ground so not so much food available yet. Blessings