Friday, March 8, 2013


Another Friday morning with g-son,each one brings it's own interesting happenings each week.
I was expecting, hoping for a much warmer start to this day,28 degrees is not my idea of warmer !!
After chores I was determined not to forget to put an ad for the silkie roosters I have in a separate house on Craigslist so I did it right then.I very seldom ever get on the computer during the day but this needed to get done today !
I baked cakes until lunch time, 6 caramel and  2 pound cakes. I have no idea what sales will be like tomorrow with the temperatures expected to be near 60 with nice sunshine. I may not have enough but I am going to take a chance.
After lunch I treated myself to some estate sale shopping. I spent all of $3 so I surely didn't break my budget today. In one of the sales I saw these 2 old photos in these magnificent old frames. I stared at these a long time thinking and wondering who the folks in them were and how such family treasures could end up in an estate sale with no apparent ownership.

They both had hefty price tags on them so I wasn't interested in buying them only curious about who these folks are.

When I got home it was time to start on a sewing schedule . I have had a stack of bonnets and aprons cut out for several weeks and they haven't been touched. I have decide that after picking g-son up from school each afternoon I will spend at least 30 minutes in my office on the sewing machine that I moved to the middle of the room so I could sew more easily. After 30 minutes I had these two baby bonnets finished.
I love these little bonnets and think they are so cute on little girls. I got another one started so that was a very good showing for only 30 minutes of work.
I got a call about my silkie ad and they came at 6:00 to pick them up. They were a nice Vietnamese couple with three young boys,12, 7 and a sleeping baby left in the car.  The 2 older boys loved all the animals on our farm especially Sadie the dog.
I was glad to see those 6 roosters go as they were getting very antsy in that small cage.
I have my first silkie hen setter tonight but didn't leave eggs under her yet as I want o make sure she doesn't change her mind.
I iced my caramel cakes tonight while hubbie watched TV.  Talked to #2 son, the heat pump repairman is coming Monday morning. Daughter dropped off her baked goods tonight so she can catch a few extra winks in the morning before hosting a Glory Girls Conference for 6th - 12th grade girls at the Bible institute across from our church.
Enjoying tonight as the last on regular time before daylight saving time starts tomorrow night,yuck !!
I dread the early mornings next week ! It usually takes me a couple weeks to settle into the new time change. One good thing about it for awhile will be that the sun won't be up and directly in my eyes as I take g-son to school each morning.  That's about the only good thing I can think of !!!  Most people like the longer evenings but for me not so much as that just adds work time to my day !
Grateful for the blessings from God today as He is always beside me in all that I do.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda eller said...

You are a "busy bee", and I admire you. You have never a dull moment for sure. I wish they would leave time one way or the other; the changing takes me a couple of weeks also to get used to it. Hope you sell out today at the market.