Thursday, March 7, 2013


Looking up at Bearwallow mountain on the way to school early this morning the evidence of yesterday's snowfall is still there.
The temperature was 28 again this morning and the wind is still breezy causing it to feel much colder.
After chores I took Dolly to the groomers at 9:30 and stayed in town to get all my weekly business done before lunch.
After lunch I called Markeeta my hair dresser and went over there for a haircut. It is always nice to catch up with Markeeta, we have been friends for a long,long time and enjoy talking.
I came home and she went out to the high school to watch a preview of a play her daughter wrote.
I thought the groomer would have called by now but while I waited I got all the Easter and spring decorations out of the attic.
This is my sunroom table tanks again to Claudia for the center piece tulips !
Other decorations are repeats form years past but I think they are still special.

And I am still using my painted curly willow with some more spring/Easter flowers.
After I got all this done still no call to pick up Dolly. I shouldn't have taken her in so early. Usually I take her about 11:00 and go pick her up at 4:00.
Finally I got a call about 3:45 that she was ready. Another trip to town for me today and right at he busiest time of day.
She looks beautiful in her new do !!
She doesn't co-operate very well when I want to take photos of her.
After evening chores and a quick supper hubbie and I headed up to #2 son's house to help him put a new part on his heat pump.
He has been running emergency heat waiting for this mother board to come in and unfortunately that didn't fix his pump. So he is still running on emergency heat and is going to call another repairman tomorrow. I picked up some more tax papers while I was up there.
Hubbie and I made it home just in time to watch Swamp People on TV.
Today has been a deceiving day,if you looked outside at the bright sunshine you would have expected it to be much warmer than it actually was. The temperature got up to 48 but the chill factor of the wind stayed in the low 30's . I poured about 3/4 inch of rain from the gauge after the storm that passed through yesterday.
Thankful to a loving Lord for the blessings of today.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

What a pretty picture of Bearwallow Mountain. And I love all your Easter decorations. Have a great weekend. Blessings