Friday, March 22, 2013


Unfortunately I was right about g-son getting sick yesterday as he was very sick this morning. Although when son brought him he was ready for school. After getting better awake he decided he didn't feel well enough to go to school today.
  He said his throat felt like it had a splinter in it !
After a few phone calls a doctor's appointment was made at 12:30.  I baked my cakes through the morning and did Friday's housecleaning jobs before we headed over to Asheville to see his doctor.
D-in-love met us there and the doc did a strep test which was negative but said with his throat looking like it did she was going to give an Antibiotic just in case it turned into strep over the weekend.
He did not feel well at all and when we got home after a while of not even wanting to swallow his spit he gave in and took some dreaded tylenol pills which immediately made him feel so much better.
Other g-ma picked him up this afternoon and I did some extra sewing making 4 large and 1 medium bonnets to cap off the week.
Today started out sunny and cold in the mid 20's but got up to the mid 40's when the clouds started moving in this evening.
Driving across Terry's Gap on the way back from Asheville today as I looked up at the mountains I thought how dull and drab they still look with not much green spring coloring yet .
G-son wanted to stop and see this little water fall on the side of the road.
When I was his age we used to stop and drink from this water on our trips to and from Asheville.
Seems this winter is dragging along not wanting to give way to any spring weather. Of course when I look back at last year and the 70 and 80 degree temperatures at this time no wonder I think this year is behind schedule.
Daughter came by to get hubbie to help haul her futon back up to church for the youth celebration they are having for the atheletes tonight after their soccer,baseball and softball games.
While they were gone I did the evening chores and iced my caramel cakes .
Hubbie and I watched UNC win over Villanova  in the first round of the NCAA tournament  tonight.
I am tired and headed to bed at 11:00.
Grateful to God for the blessings of today and praying the g-son gets better quickly.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy Adams said...

They say that this has been the coldest March in 17 years... Even though our winter was mild overall--this month feels VERY cold. You are right... There's not alot of spring going on yet...

Sorry about Grandson--but you all are smart to take him to the doctor. Bless his heart.

Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

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linda eller said...

I love creeks and waterfalls too! And the ones in the East Tn, NC mountain areas just seem to be the prettiest. Sure hope your grandson feels better soon. Mine was sick all night too....bug is rampant.

Gail said...

Hope your grandson feels better soon.

I notice you got hit with some spam. Checking no anonymous will stop that. Also you can go into your settings under comments and delete these if you want.

Have a great day. The snow melts.