Tuesday, March 26, 2013


28 years ago the day started out like a normal day at that time for me. I was out of work expecting my third baby,the boys were at nursery school. After lunch I decided to run into Roses department store to pick up a swing set that was on sale. We were planning on getting it set up so the boys would have it to play on after the baby came. I payed for the set and was waiting for the man to go into the back and get it and haul it to the truck for me.  Suddenly I felt water running down the inside of both legs. The man came through the door with the swingset and I made a point to walk behind him all the way to the truck,thankful that I had on a light colored pair of loose fitting pants,but not sure if I was leaving a trail of water drips or not. On the way home I could feel a surge of water at every bump I hit in the road. I had no contraction yet to speak of and when I called my sis-in-law to take me to the hospital,she asked  if she had time to take a quick shower and I said sure. Hubbie was working in another county delivering uniforms and he would have to wait for someone to get to him to relieve him before he could head to the hospital. I don't remember even being nervous that he might not make it in time.
My sister in law Lauri took me to the hospital, I felt comfortable with her because she was a registered nurse and I knew she would know what to do if something happened.
I don't really remember much about the next few hours,hubbie did make it in plenty of time. I do remember telling them repeatedly that the baby was coming and being put off by the nurses because they said I wasn't dilated far enough. After having had 2 babies and this time having a large area not numbed by the epidural I could feel her head sliding down the birth canal.  Finally I convinced the epidural nurse to take a look and then the excitement began. As the rushing doctor came through the door he ran his arms in the arms of the outstretched hospital gown and caught daughter as she slid easily out,all 6 lbs. 14 oz. of her at 5:58pm after my water broke around 1:00.
Hubbie had a camera and was supposed to be taking pictures but wound up in the other bed in the labor room passed out with all the sudden excitement and a missed lunchtime.
I was overjoyed that this third baby was a little girl,I had 2 boys and so desperately wanted a girl.
Here she was at 2 years old in the first picture she actually smiled in.
I remember my friend who ran the daycare where the kids went calling me at work when this picture was made telling me excitedly how good daughter did in her picture. She knew that most pictures I had of her she was crying in.
She was a beautiful,smart little girl and has turned into a beautiful,smart young woman.
This is a picture when she was 16 and we were in Fort Worth,Texas as she played in the national AAU basketball tournament.
Happy Birthday daughter,  hubbie and I are so proud of the wonderful, successful young woman you have turned into.
I had a pretty normal Tuesday with housework and laundry taking up much of it. I watched snow flurries whip around in the strong winds all day but nothing on any roads around here even with the temperature not getting out of the 30's all day. The northern counties in NC can't say the same as some of them got up to 13" of snow making roads impassable.
After I picked up g-son today I was glad to see that he is eating better and is getting his energy back.
He stayed late tonight so his mom could watch a movie with daughter on her birthday.
While he played I made the last 2 large bonnets I had cut out.
Anytime I go into my office to sew or anything else these two always veg out in their nice soft beds I have behind the sewing machine.
I have seen them in sharing the same bed but mostly Dolly always gets her pink bed !!
As I sit here tonight typing this I hear the wind still whipping outside and can see the snowflakes still flying around under a huge full moon as it peaks in and out of the clouds.
Hopefully this will be the last of the snowflakes and wind tonight as the winter storm "Virgil" finally moves on out to allow some warmer temps and sunshine.
Passover begins today and as Easter gets closer I am humbly grateful for God's love everyday and that He cares for all His children in the same way.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy Adams said...

Hi Marilyn, Happy Birthday to your daughter.. She's so pretty --and I love it that she gives so much time working with kids.

We had snow for about 3 days here off and on... Never did get alot of accumulation --but would have had a TON if it if it ALL had have stuck... It even snowed here off and on all day TODAY too..... Hopefully, tomorrow will be better. I'm ready for sunshine and SPRING... ha

Glad your grandson is doing better.. Bless his heart. Sorry he missed church on Sunday.

Happy Easter.

linda m said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter. We actually saw the sun come out for a while yesterday. Glad the "little" guy is feeling better. Blessings