Saturday, March 2, 2013


Just as the sun came up this morning there was a pretty good amount of snow around.
I listened to the local news on the radio alarm beside the bed thinking they would announce that market was closed today. Not hearing anything I got up and got dressed and ready to go. I headed into the kitchen to cut and wrap some of the cakes I iced last night. To my surprise when I looked outside all the snow had already melted. The thermometer said 34 degrees.
Market was slow today but I'm thankful for what I did sell on a cold windy day like this. Kate,daughter's "little sister" came by to see me and pick up a couple cakes to take back to college in Greensboro.
After market I made a couple stops for sale items plus some new ink for my printer with a coupon for Staples,made it home around 3:00.
After  a short rest I did chores early before the ominous looking dark clouds rolled in and the snow flurries started again in a cold wind.
Daughter took her church youth group to a place called Moonshine Mountain today for an afternoon of snow tubing fun. D-in-love and g-son went along as well and g-son had a blast riding those tubes down that icy slope.
When they got home she and #1 son brought g-son over here so they could have a date night of dinner and movie.
G-son is in a very good mood tonight after having a good supper,he and Pawpaw are taking turns watching their favorite shows on the TV in the living room. I  went to watch the Duke/Miami basketball game on the bedroom TV. Dollie and Bernie think we have retired for the night,as they are snuggled down in the nice warm bed beside me.
Daughter called as she drove home asking what the vision fissures I have with my migriane headaches look like.Unfortunately she had them after the afternoon of snow tubing,but the fissures went away when she ate supper with the group. She was driving home and said she felt like she was going to have a really bad migraine. I told her to try the heat/cold method I have started using when I get them. I hate that she has the vision fissures as her busy lifestyle isn't going to be an easy place to deal with these.Talked to her later tonight and she was sleeping and had gotten over the headache,thankfully.
As I relax tonight I give thanks to God for the blessings He gives me each day. Some times I am so amazed at His goodness and gracousness that I experience it blows me away.
Good Night and God Bless.


linda eller said...

Those migraines are no fun at all. I don't have them but have friends that do. We had snow flurries all day yesterday, but no accumulation. Hope you have a restful Sunday.

Betsy Adams said...

I have those vision fissures sometimes --but don't get the headache. Mine seems to be caused by bright lights... I put on night sunglasses --and that seems to help. AND--if I lie down for about 20 minutes with my eyes closed, those squiggles go away... NOT fun though...

We had a snowy, very cold, cloudy weekend. Thought we were going to get some sunshine today--but got more flurries. We had snow ALL weekend long --but not much accumulation overall. We had about an inch on Thurs/Fri--and since it was so cold, it didn't melt all weekend... Did NOT get out of the 20's the past 2-3 days. I'm ready for some sunshine... ha

Thanks for the cute little angel ornament. I love it --especially since I collect angels. You are sweet.