Saturday, March 23, 2013


I was pleasantly surprised when I got up to not be doing chores in a pouring rain this morning as predicted.
We got ready for market and were ahead of schedule for a change.
I got set up between customers and stayed busy for the first couple hours enough to sell out of many of my cakes. I hate to sell out of anything especially caramel cakes because I always hear stories about how far someone has driven for one of them. Today I didn't hear one of those stories but I did have several very disappointed customers who left empty handed. Oh well there's always next week !
One of my neighbors who sells cut flowers gave this large bouquet of forsythia which will make a beautiful communion table decoration for tomorrow's church service.
Thank you Mary.

#2 son came by after lunch and kept me company and helped me load at closing time as he was out of his house again for over 2 hours for showings
I stopped by Ingles for some chilli fixins for tomorrow. With the weather forecast of a cold rainy day a big pot of chilli will hit the spot for lunch. Then I realized amid all the business at market I hadn't eaten any lunch so a Subway beside Ingles enticed me in for one of my favorite Italian BMT's for a late lunch,yummmy !
Talked to #1 son and g-son is still pretty sick today,bless his heart !
Hubbie and I took a nice break this afternoon and watched  some March madness on TV while we both dozed.
The temperature got up in the upper 50's and the clouds hung low all day but the rain held off so far.
The severe spring weather patterns are beginning,only some of them are for snow warnings this year.
There was hail balls the size of tennis balls in Jacksonville,Fl. where a friend of mine has a horse farm.
Those would definitely do some damage !!
After chores this evening I worked on my blog book,getting it finished and ready for review.
Next project is to go through all my photos on my computer and delete all the ones that I don't want to keep.
God's love is an amazing gift and at this time of year we praise and thank Him for the greatest gift ever given.
Good Night and God Bless


Betsy Adams said...

Hi Marilyn, We have no forsythia blooming up here yet --and NOT even any Bradford Pears or other fruit trees. We still look like it's winter!!!!

I went back to last year's pictures taken this time of year and was shocked to see the difference. We had tons of spring things blooming. In fact most all of our spring flowers were blooming by now... CRAZY!!!!

We may have a wicked Monday/Tuesday --but hopefully by the end of the week, for Easter, we will warm up some.


Gail said...

Oh, I so admire your energy and ambition. I can't seem to grab hold of mine anymore.

I may have to plan a trip to buy one of those caramel cakes. My nephew would be up for the adventure.

I've never been in the Carolinas but much family from both sides lived and traveled through there.

Watch out, I'll be the big fat lady with a bearded younger man and I will be grinning ear to ear.