Sunday, March 31, 2013


He is risen indeed !!!  Happy Easter everyone !!
This Easter Sunday is a rainy one as I hurried through chores to make it to church to check on flowers and get to nursery duty a bit early.
There were 9 little ones in the nursery today. Hubbie is a Deacon so he had to go help with the Lord's Supper so we had to recruit another lady to help us.
We had twin baby boys only weeks old so they needed more attention than the ones playing and walking around. Whew, what a workout as I dealt with the 5 older toddler boys !!
When hubbie came back in the nursery he said the sanctuary was full without an empty seat anywhere,so that is a wonderful blessing for this Easter Sunday.
I got a nice Easter secret sister package with a nice addition to my Easter decor and some yummy cadbury eggs.

We had a nice big Easter lunch of ham,corn, fresh green beans,corn, mashed potatoes,deviled eggs,7-layer salad with key lime pie for dessert,yummy !!!
Only #2 son and daughter were here as #1 son's family were on their way back from Tenn. today.
After a nice lunch everyone went home to spend a relaxing afternoon.
We got news that our renters baby was born about 3pm today,a 6 lb. 12 oz. precious little girl.
 She must have waited on her grand parents to arrive all the way from Iowa before she made her entrance.
Hubbie and I watched some March Madness on TV this afternoon and saw a devastating injury to one of Louisville's players. As he landed on his leg after a jump his shin bone snapped,protruded through the skin and left his lower leg dangling. The players from both teams were visibly upset but they played on  and Louisville defeated Duke to make it to the final four.
The rain moved back in this evening and we did chores in the rain again,more mud !!
There was about 1/2" in the gauge from the mornings rain before tonight's rain came.

A recap of March shows that it has been a strange month weatherwise. We had our first measurable snowfall on the 2nd day and our first school closed snowday on the 6th. Then on the first day of spring,the 20th brought more snow. The fourth named winter storm of the month ,Virgil slammed into WNC the last week of the month dropping record snowfall up to 21 inches in some of the higher elevations but only a couple dustings for us.

This March lived up to its reputation of  a windy month this year and being one of the coolest March's in recent history I had plenty of inside time to get lots of sewing projects done. Our family celebrates 2 birthdays in March as #2 son hit the big 30 on the first day and daughter turned 28 on the 26th. #2 son put the house he bought last fall up for sale this month in hopes to be able to move closer to his work. Daylight savings time began on the 10th and Easter Sunday falls on the 31st this year. All in all it has been a good month for the family as we have all stayed healthy with only one trip to the doctor for g-son with a sore throat. After all the cold days of this month I am so ready for some warm temperatures and sunshine. My fingers itch to dig in the dirt planting our early vegetables but until the soil warms up there is no use putting anything out.Our seed potatoes rest downstairs in bags just waiting for those warmer spring days along with all the  outside animals and spring blooming trees and bushes.
As this month comes to an end with Easter Sunday I am so prayerfully grateful for the love of our precious Savoir and strive everyday to glorify His name.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy Adams said...

Yes, March really was colder than normal here too --and we still don't have much spring at all. Be sure to look at my blog post tomorrow. I'm showing comparison photos of March 2012 and March 2013 in our yard. UNBELIEVABLE.

Sad about the Louisville player. Sorry also that Duke didn't win!!! My Lady Vols won tonight --so they are in the final 8....

It's been a fabulous Easter for us. Saw family yesterday as you know--so we had a nice, quiet day here today--while it rained all day long! Feel sorry for kids in the area who wanted to hide eggs... I fixed a turkey breast and veggies for us... Delicious!

Christ is Risen INDEED... Hallelujah!!!!


linda m said...

March has been a crazy month here in WI also. Saw a little sunshine yesterday before the rain moved in.
Christ is Risen!!! Hallelujah, Hallelujah