Wednesday, March 13, 2013


28 degrees and an unexpected icy windshield almost made us late for school this morning, but we made it !
I did chores and was pouring myself a bowl of cereal when the phone rang with a call from my friend who delivers gravel asking me if I would lead him up to #2 son's house with the load of gravel he ordered. I sat down the cereal bowl,luckily I hadn't poured the milk in yet and it will wait until tomorrow morning. I grabbed a protein bar and poured my coffee in my travel mug and away I went.
This guy is an expert at spreading gravel,especially in tight places and he impressed son and left him with almost no shoveling at all.
I left and headed home to start housework for today.
I had to spend some time outside this afternoon, although it was a bit cool,50 degrees, the sun was warm. I raked the leaves out of the fire pit area and pulled the weeds and grass from between the blocks.
I smelled these little sweet guys before I saw them. Although they look pretty punny this year they still are fragrant.
I noticed how different the plum trees are also from last year. Even with the mild winter we have had this year the blooms are not as far out as this time last year.
This is the plum trees last on March 10,2012.

I took these pictures today of the same tree.

This is a good thing for the fruit and I am more optimistic that we will get some plums this year which we didn't last year.
After I picked up g-son and got him settled down with food and toys I continued my sewing schedule finishing 3 medium bonnets today.
As the sun went down this evening the temperature plummeted and is supposed to be around 25 tonight with a strong wind,brrr, it is still winter !!
This is my little red silkie setter keeping her eggs all covered up nicely inside her warm brooder box.
She is funny when I peek in on her she is so still she looks frozen, maybe she thinks if she doesn't move I can't see her ??!!
After supper I buried myself in weekly paperwork and bills. I had to call Verizon to have a bogus charge removed from my bill. Apparently some company found my number and decided they would do business with me even if I didn't know about it. They removed the charges and blocked the vender.
What a crap to have to scrutinize every bill to make sure there isn't any added unknown charges. It always makes me wonder how many people don't catch these charges ??
Watched Survivor on TV ,this show used to be entertaining but now they feel the need to add so much drama it is getting ridiculous.
Grateful for the love of God tonight and for the blessings of this day.
Good Night and God Bless.


linda eller said...

I enjoy reading your daily blogs. You lead a busy life in a beautiful part of our country. Have a nice Thursday.

linda m said...

Sound like you had a busy day. I think we are going to have a long winter this year; better for the trees so they won't bud too early (like they did last year). Isn't that the truth about having to scrutinize your bills for all the hidden fees and charges. Gone are the days when things were simpler. Blessings

Betsy Adams said...

No ice or rain or any kind of precipitation here. We had a beautiful day --although it stayed cold all day. At least the sun was out. Supposed to get warmer tomorrow. But--rain may be coming back.

Our Hyacinths are blooming --but this cold weather has made them look really pitiful. They have bloomed too early... Oh Well.

Too bad about your Verizon bill. That kind of crap goes on so often. Terrible.

I used to watch Survivor--but no more. I just don't like any of the reality shows anymore.